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Bakugou POV:

Mr. Aizawa asked me to stay after class today idk why

"Bakugou." He says in a scary tone

"Y-yes?" I curse myself for stuttering

"I've noticed you look tired and have bruises on your arms is there something I should know?" He says I gulp


"Bakugou dont make me force it out of you" he says

"Fine! I've been having nightmares and I keep falling off the bed" I say annoyed he looks down at me and pulls me into a hug my face barely reaching his chest

"I'll talk to principal nezu and we'll sort something out" he says and sends me off to lunch

Time skip to after school

I was walking through the common room when-

"Bakugou" aizawa says making me turn

"So uh..." he starts

"Well!?" I yell

"So the fixers accidentally mixed up things and your room is kinda...." aizawa trails off I roll my eyes

"Kinda what!"

"Well let me show you" he says I follow him to my room he puts a code in and it open

Why is their a code?

We walk in my jaw drops

The room is decorated like a nursery and is all baby proofed my desk was replaced with a changing table!? My bed was a bed with bars around it with plushies

there was toys and kid books near a rocking chair  I opened my closet and all the clothes were replaced with soft clothing and I see a box of diapers and pull ups!

"What the hell!?" I yell blushing

"I know I'm sorry but your gonna have to deal with it" aizawa says

"Where is my clothes and my stuff!" I turn towards him glaring

"Back at your moms dont worry" he says I huff knowing I cant go get it cause I'm scared of my mom

"Well I'm tired so get out" I say

"Ok" he says and walks to me I send him a confused look he just gives a smile which is rare and picks me up and sets me on the changing table

"Mr.aizawa what are you?" I ask I see him get out a pink cat onesie that clips at the crouch I blush and then blush harder when I see him grab a diaper

"I'm not wearing that!" I yell

"I'm sorry but you dont have a choice you dont have any boxers" he says I sigh knowing hes right he walks to me and gives me the clothes

"Tell me when your done I'll be outside" he says I nod looking down

Mr.Aizawa POV:

I stand outside the door waiting

"Mr.aizawa..." I hear faintly

"You done?" I ask opening the door I see he hasn't changed yet

"Bakugou I know you d-" I get cut off

"I dont know how to put these on..." he says softly I try not to aw at him I walk over and pick him up and lay him on the changing table he blushes

"I'll be fast" I say he nods slowly and covers his face, I quickly change him once I'm done I cant help but coo

"All done little one" I say while I rub his tummy he uncovers his face I pick him back up and set him on the floor

"Go get into bed" I say he nods and hopes in bed I walk over and pull the railings up

"Why is it so high!?" Bakugou asks

"Dont worry I'll be there to get you out in the morning" I say

Bakugou POV:

I can't get out ughhh

And I'm wearing this I feel like a baby agian

I hear the door open I hear the bakusquad I hurry and cover my body with the blanket and throw the plushies out of the "bed"

"Hey bakuuu?" Kiri says they all walk in the door shuts behind they all look around in shock I blush from embarrassment

"The fixers had a mix up ok and then aizawa made me!" I yell embarrassed they look at me and coo, they walk up

"Aizawa let us have the code since we are your friends" Mina explains

"Whatever can you get me out of this thing!?" I sreamed they all just smile

"Sorry little one but you need sleep you've been cranky lately" sero says I blush at the word choice

"Hey why are you hiding?" Kami asks he reaches for the blanket I slap his had away

"Hey no we dont slap!" Kiri says sternly since when do they act like my parents

"Dont worry im sure hes just scared" kami says I glare at him kiri pulls the blanket away revealing my outfit I blush and try to cover the fact I'm in a- diaper..

They all looked shock for a moment then cooed and complimented me

"Awww you so cuteeee I cant believe we used to be scared of you bubs your just so small and cute!!!!" Mina said I blushed

"Aw little one we dont care if you wear diapers and if you ever need a change you can tell me" Sero says patting my head

"I dont need or use them! They just took my underwear away.." I say and pout

"Aw it's ok pebble" kiri says cupping my cheeks kami kisses my head

"Stoooop" I whine a blushing mess

"Why are your stuffies on the floor that could hurt their feelings" kami says setting them next to me

'Hmph' was my response

"Ok goodnight kitten" mina says they all say goodnight and then closed the door

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