Sunday January 11th 2015 (bones last day)

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Today when we got up I scrambled him some eggs so he could take his medicine on a full stomach.

I sat in the floor and hand fed him so he would eat.

For a couple hours bone sat beside my mom while she watched some movies.

Then around 7:00 bone started getting very figity and was making these terrible screaming noises cause he was in pain.

Which worried us.

We didn't know what to do for him so my parents took him to the vet.

I didn't go with them because I was gonna watch the other dogs.

When my parents came home I was confused..

I didn't see them carrying bone.

They let the other dogs out and let them use the bathroom, I was still wondering where he was.

Then I looked at my dads face.. And I knew something had happened.

I then started having tears cone into my eyes.

My dad then grabbed me and held onto me telling that Bone had passes away.

I couldn't stop crying!

He told me that Bones spine had broke in half and was piercing his organs and making it to where he couldn't use the bathroom and he was paralized. And that they had to put him to sleep so that he wouldn't hurt anymore.

When he told me that I couldn't stop crying histarically!

I couldn't believe my baby boy was gone!

Why me, why did this happen to us.

How could a dog that was just about to turn 5 years old pass away like this.

I couldn't believe that the best friend I had always had, had left me alone.

As I sat in my room crying I walked into the living room where they had brought the cascet/box that they had put his body in.

I then put my hand on the box and just started crying.

I couldn't stop, I didn't even sleep the next week.

(Guys who are reading this, this is a true story and everything I just said really happened)

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