Saturday (bones last days)

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Today after watching "Gilmore Girls" my mom took Bone out to the bathroom.

When he came in he was acting weird, like he couldn't sit down.

He wasn't able to sit comfortably!

Which was weird and not like him.

So I took bone in my room and let him lay down and my mom gave him some pain medicine of which we never gave him medicine.

When we gave him the medicine he started drooling all over me and my clothes which didn't make any since.

After that my parents took him to the vet to make sure he's okay.

They said he had pinched a nerve in his back. And that we had found it in time, that we were lucky. That he looked great and should get better soon.

After hearing that we felt relieved.

So we brought him home gave him some food and let him sleep in the pen hoping he would get better.

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