Chapter 2

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Glynda: That will be all for today class.

The class began to get their stuff in order.

Glynda: ( least they can accomplish their dreams.)

Blake: Mrs.Goodwitch you ok?

Glynda: Hu? Oh I'm alright Blake. I'm just in deep thoughts.

She smiled at Blake as Blake still had a look of concern.

Blake: You look upset and stressed.

Glynda: We're just dealing with a new criminal. Atlas has been suffering a lot due to this new criminal.

- In Atlas -

Soldiers were guarding one of the Schnee mines.

Guard: ahhh another fine day at work.

Guard 2: You heard? Our ship's are getting destroyed.

Guard: It all because of these filthy things. Jacques was right their good for nothing at all.

Guard 2: Let whip them.

Guard: You read my mind.

They walked to where the Faunus were working.

Whipping them into work and a little girl was holding her mother crying as one of the guards raised his whip.

Guard:....why aren't you whipping them?

Guard 3: I heard something.

They looked at the water sight and see a black fin.

Once the creature raised the water it gave it greeting call.

Once the creature raised the water it gave it greeting call

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Guard: No way an Orca. Thought they never come here.

You smirked.

Y/N: ( Yes get closer to me. It will be your final mistake.)

The guards got extremely close to you as you bite their hands and dragged them into the cold waters of Atlas.

Guard: AURGHHH!!!

You swam towards the very deep and let go of them. As they swam upwards you used your fins to shove them back down.

This went on for 3 minutes.

The last one looks at you in the eyes as you transform back to normal and swam towards the cave.

The Faunus were worried about you. Thinking you might have died while trying to help them.

You jumped from the water and landed near them.

Y/N: Get whatever you need. I will cause an distraction.

You gently pet the young deer faunus kid and walked out of the cave.

Soldier: HEY HANDS UP!!

You only blinked once.

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