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Sorry this is not exactly a update, but I wanted to inform everyone that I have posted a R Rated chapter, and because of the rating system I had to make it private. If you'd like to read it you must be a follower of mine I believe. I have tried to post one before to no avail. So to those who follow me please go on over and let me know you can read it. To those who would like a pg13 ish one published please let me know here. Again chapter is titled Rated R. If you can't see it you may have to follow me. You are free to unfollow if you'd like after you read or just keep following please vote comment and let me know what you think. Thanks lovelies and gents.

Also I am going to be going back and doing some editing, nothing will change really just a few mistakes I need to fix. There will be one small scene added either by flashback which takes place right before the mating, or in the chapter. I will inform you of which once I decide. Thank you.

If you haven't already check out my other stories. The Devils Son My Mate for example. New cover coming in the next chapter, a wonderful reader did for me.

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