Chapter 2: Roommates

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When I arrived in the main lobby, there were people... everywhere. It was so crowded and I could barely even see the floor beneath me or even hear myself think. That was when I realized they were all trying to do the same thing as me, find out which room they were in. And... well... considering this building had 35 floors, that's a whole lot of students. There was a huge TV screen behind the receptionist's desk in the lobby and it had the list of all of the rooms and which student it belonged to. As the TV flicked between slides, displaying a table with all the room numbers and names, I finally saw my name on there.

[On the screen]: Y/N, Y/L/N - Room 34b

Oh great! My rooms practically at the very top of the whole building, which means I'm going to have to get the elevator up there. If it had been lower, I would've just taken the stairs, but I am just so exhausted from travelling that I can't hack 34 sets of stairs. The reason taking the elevator was such an issue was because there were only 4 elevators in the building, which is a lot, but when you've got a couple hundred students all trying to get up to their rooms at the same time, it's pure chaos.

Eventually, after nearly an hour of being pushed, shoved and kicked whilst waiting as elevator after elevator came down, I finally managed to get into one and headed up to the 34th floor. When I arrived at the door of 34b, my new home for the year, there was a small basket on the floor in front of the door. I picked it up and scanned its contents. It had two key cards in it as well as two manual keys, two teddy bears with the letters NYU stitched onto the tummy, and two envelopes, one of which had my name written on it. As I glanced down the hallway, looking both left and right, I could see that every other room had a similar basket on its doorstep. I must have been the first person on floor 34 to make it up here, seeing as the other baskets were untouched. I rested the basket on my hip and grabbed the key card out of it to unlock my door. It was beautiful.

(It looked like this)

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(It looked like this)

That's right! I have a roommate, who clearly wasn't here yet. That explained why there were two of everything in the basket. As I picked up my envelope, the letter behind it had 'Wanda' written on it; she must be my roommate. I placed the basket down on the desk and noticed that all of my things had already been set up. Posters and polaroids up on the wall, clothes in the closet, folders and notebooks laid neatly on the shelves above the desk, and my bedding was on the bed on the right, so I could only assume that it was my bed. I sat down on the bed and checked the texts on my phone, reading all of my friends replies to the photo I had sent to the groupchat earlier. They were all amazed by it and expressed how much they missed me already. It made my heart hurt a little, but I was excited to start university for good and now I was excited to meet Wanda, I really hope we get along. Judging by her good taste in furniture and the many great books on her shelf, I find it quite likely. Just then, she bursts in...

"HIIIII!! Oh my goodness it's so great to MEET you!" She shrieks, enthusiastically. She dropped her bags by the door and came over to hug me. I love her already. "Hi, I'm Y/N, its so good to meet you too!! You must be Wanda." I chuckled, pulling away. "You would be correct." She said, doing a quirky little bow as she said it. She's so fun already, this is exactly the energy that I needed. Her and I engaged in some light, friendly chatter, just getting to know one another as we unpacked our stuff and put it away. It was already around 10pm, so once we had both finished putting our things away, we just decided to lounge around in bed and chat until we fell asleep.

We got to talking about what we were studying here. I told her that I was doing Law and she said she was doing English literature. We couldn't have been a more perfect pairing if we tried. It then, however, escalated to talking about extra curricular classes and clubs. Wanda went on and on, detailing all of these clubs she had joined, like book club, research club, the university newspaper, cooking club and all sorts. I hadn't joined any. I hadn't even thought about it. "You haven't joined ANY?! Not even one?" she practically yelled as she stared straight at me, wide eyed. "No, not at all. I never really thought about it, my school didn't really have things like that." As I said that, she hopped up and walked over to the desk and chucked a pamphlet at me and plopped down next to me on my bed. "There." she said. "Have a look through this and see what you fancy. You have to choose ONE at least. Trust me, you'll be bored if you don't." she was very persuasive, but she was also right. Other than go to lectures, I really had nothing else to do with my time, and seeing as Wanda had signed up to do so much, she wouldn't be in the dorm very often, so I needed to choose something.

"...How about debate club?" she questioned, pointing at it on the pamphlet. "No. I do love to debate but I think I'd make more enemies than friends in that club." I sighed. " Okay, what about student radio? You have a nice voice." she quipped. "Thanks but no thanks." she sighed in frustration at my indecisiveness. "OOO! What about a language, do you wanna learn a language?" "That's not that bad of an idea actually..." I went on as I scanned the languages page, running my finger down it. Spanish. French. Italian. Latin. None of them appealed to me, until... "Russian!! That's the one! My grandparents are Russian, so I know quite a lot already, now I can finally master it!" I was so excited, I had no idea they offered a Russian class, and Wanda was equally as excited now that I had made up my mind. "Woohoo! Russian it is." Wanda exclaimed as she fist pumped the air. She hopped up off of my bed and went back to hers, returning the pamphlet to its spot on the desk as she passed. She smiled at me and I smiled back. How did I land the coolest roommate ever?


Again... I'm sorry this chapter is another build up chapter. I think the next one will be too, I just need to use these first few to set the scene and give context to the whole story. Do not worry, there will be action soon.

I feel like I'm on a bit of a spree today. I'll probably end up doing all the lead up chapters today while I have motivation to write. Anyways, see you in the next chapter :)

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