The Spider Emerged

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After some much-needed R&R with the Dazzlings and getting cleaned up, you leave the locker room fully dressed up to go and claim your cash prize. You meet up with the man in charge of the cash prize and you tell him your ring name, then you tell him how sorry you are for taking so long. After that, he takes out the money, tossing you a $100 bill, which you take. But sadly, the man just starts counting the rest of his cash for a bit, then looks at you with that bored expression on his face.

"The hell are you waiting for, get outta here," I'm sorry, what?

"$100? I thought the ad said I'd win $3,000. What's going on here?" you ask. Just then, the door opens up and you see the Dazzlings show up. "Hey girls, you alright?"

"A bit wobbly, but alright. Something wrong?" Dagi asks.

"Check the ad again, web head. The add specifically said $3,000... for 3 minutes. And last time I checked, you pinned that guy in two minutes. For that, I give you $100 and you're lucky to get that." fucking hell, this bastard just cheated you out, what a fucking bum!

"I need that money!" you argue.

"I missed the part where that's my problem." he retorts. You glare at him, but then Adagio and the others get in front of you and start singing a melodious tune. The guy falls under their spell and you're just watching the girls at work, smiling as they right this wrong. The man then gets up and gives you the rest of the 3 grand before sitting back down and you stash the money in your pocket. Once the Dazzlings stop their singing, the man looks around as if nothing ever happened. "What the hell just happened?"

"Nothing, I'm leaving," you reply, leaving with the girls. A few seconds later, another man arrives in the room and tosses a bag at the cheating pig.

"Hey, what the hell--" he asks before having a gun pointed at him. Oh boy, this must not be a good day to be a cheating pig, now is it? Looks like karma's a real bitch.

"Put the money in the bag," the robber commands.

Yup, Karma's a real bitch to people who don't think for others.

"Girls, you didn't have to--"

"Hey, when some fat pig tard like that gives you shit, you let us know and we'll take care of the issue. It's the least we can do after everything you did for us earlier," Aria replies, hugging you in one arm. "Besides, as much as we wanted what we had to be a one-time thing, you're just too good to pass up. Come see us the next time you want to have some fun, Anon." Aria then hands you a piece of paper with an address on it. "We don't got phones yet, but we'll get some one day."

"Anyways, we had fun. Thanks again, Anon," Sonata adds.

"And remember, we'll always be ready for more when you're up for it," Dagi replies. You give each girl a hug and a kiss before seeing them off in the elevator. You'd join them on the way down, but right now, you stay where you, then check the mula you made. It's all there, the whole $3,000 sha-bam. Man, you're lucky you had the Dazzlings on your side when that pig tried to cheat you.

"Hurry up!" man shouts in the back. You jump a bit and stash your cash back in your pocket, looking over at where room where the prize-holder is. You hear a grunting sound, then a thud.

Afterwards, you see a man running down the hall in a hurry. "HEY! HE STOLE THE CASH!" the cheatin pig shouts, trying to chase after the thief. Just seeing that man's face makes you want to puke and no way are you gonna help his fat-ass.

"STOP THAT GUY!!!" A security guard shouts. You just stare intensely and step out of the way, letting the thief enter the elevator and make off with that pig's precious cash.

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