A Dragon's Sorrow

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Long ago I left you, 

Alone in the dark, 

With my blood rose by your pillow. 

I left you, 

With the intent to come back.

I knew only a shadow of your true self, 

As you drifted in and out of my world, 

Always returning to your own dreams, nightmares, 

A cold place unknown to me, unknowing of the real me. 

A plane of existence that could never be my own.

Had I been born a wizard, 

I would have cast a spell on you, back then, 

Making you into my immortal fairy, 

So that you could never completely leave me, 

And we could conquer all worlds, together, as one.

Even if only in dreams.

Or, I would have given my wings, my soul, 

In exchange for an elixir, 

That could cure you of my tears, 

Releasing you to the lights in the darkness, of where you first emerged, 

Yet, didn't belong. 

Letting you forget, forget that I ever existed.

I would go back in time, 

And throw that rose to a harsh wind, 

Leaving an agrimony in its stead, 

So that even in death, your dreams, 

Would remain forever next to my own.

I care no more for flying through endless stars, 

As your tears have long drowned out all air from me, well before my time, 

And your undying love holds its grasp tight, 

Pinning me in a state of endless torture, against the breath of death's soil, 

Where I am unable to bury myself.

I came back too late. 

Too late to hold you tight within my claws, till you bled and cried. 

Till you would have finally called me into your cold world, where I may have frozen to death, 

But not before shattering your doubts of my existence into nothingness, 

Along with any doubt in your mind that I exist as anything other than only for you. 

I would have taken you far away from everything, but myself, away from the pain.

Even if you denied me all over again. 

Even if you began to hate me, fear me. 

I will know that what you say isn't true, 

Because it isn't by your voice that I truly hear, it is by the sound of your heart. 

For I am still everything, but fate. 

Yet nothing...I am not even a being that is able to follow you into death.

I am but a remnant of a dragon in your soul.

My mortal angel, my cries of pain can no longer reach you. 

They scattered you almost completely from my reach. Everywhere, but near me. 

But don't ever forget me, not now, for it's too late for either of us for that. 

For the obstacles between us, I will make them quiver till they break. 

I will make them pay for hurting you, and I will find you, as I did once, 

And piece you back together, with the blood from my own veins if I must.

I will follow the stains that lead from you, as the thorns from my gift, 

Torture you still, yet you carry it still, within quiet, broken hands, 

Till it leads me to an answer, 

And ends at an absolution, as to why I ever existed. 

As to why I ever stopped.

Oh fate, give me the wisdom I need to save her, and stop denying me just once. 

For I refuse to let her venture further from me, all alone, any longer. 

I will not accept her being away from my thoughts, ever again. 

Though I may still be too pitiful to ever carry enough strength within me, 

To carry her completely out of the tormenting shadows that are not our own.

Know, my love, that I am never far away, 

For I do not possess the ability to forget, 

Or die, 

Or love anyone other 

...other than you.

I will not fade away, I will continue to exist, 

As your pure heart would have wanted me too. 

I will destroy all that continues to stir and wake your soul, 

From what peace sleep may give you, 

Should fate, with all its spite, not let me see the face of your gentle voice,

Ever again.

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