Chapter 18

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Hey this chapter is dedicated to @missmakeovermycover for the awesome cover she made.


I picked up Nikki and carried her towards the car when nonna grabbed my hand.

"Nipote I like Nikki, she is good for you. I'll be waiting for a wedding invitation in the next couple of weeks and a grandchildren soon."

"Nonna aren't you taking this a bit to far. I love her, yes but she is reluctant to let me in."

"Well work on it nipote because I want grandchildren and if I don't get any soon I will intervene."

Nonna is scary when she wants something in this case a daughter and grandchildren.

"Nonna I will do my best to tie her to my side."

"Ok nipote now take her home and take care and don't forget what I said."

I placed nikki in the car and made sure she was comfortable.

If I wasnt Nikki to fall for me without the interference of nonna I have to step up my game.


Nikki's POV

I felt the bed dip and a small nudge on my side. I thought after high school I could wake up at any time I want but it turns out it is worse.

"Cara it's time to wake up, its past mid day love."

"No five more minutes." I moaned.

"I have already let you sleep enough darling."

"Uug." The covers were pulled of my warm body and I was pulled up by my waist.

"Go take a shower. I will lay out your clothes for you."

He pushed me towards the bathroom.

Coming out of the shower in only a towel I saw a pair of skinny jeans and a flowery top. Under the jeans and top there was a matching set of underwear, the same underwear he talked about when he packed my bags. If he thinks I'm wearing this than he is crazy.

Making sure my towel was tight and in place I bent down in the closet to get my suitcase. my idea was to get different underwear. Where the suitcase was supposed to be a note was instead.

Grabbing the note I went to sit on the bed.

Your suitcase is save with me. Now put on that sexy lingerie on that curvaceous body of yours and if you don't want to wear the rest of the clothes I'm ok with that. I don't mind. Your banquet awaits you my lady in the kitchen table. Eat up sweetheart.


The audacity of that man how dare he? Having no other choice I put the underwear on and the clothes. Blow drying my hair I did a messy fishtail braid.

The kitchen table was aligned with fresh fruit, a sunny dude up egg and a cup of black coffee. Under the coffee a note rested.

My stomach rumbled remaining me I hadn't eaten anything and it was lunch time.

Who cares if he is an arrogant billionaire who won't leave me alone. I am hungry and plus he is a great cook.

Cleaning up the plates I put them in the dishwasher. Stuck on the bottom of the coffee cup the note fluttered down. I catches it before it hit the water. It said something along the lines of this:

You are beautiful inside and out. Don't let anyone tell you not. You have captivated me and now I don't want you to let me go. Solve this riddle and you'll know where to go next.

Sweet and sour. Big or small. Red or green. Happily sitting under. Find the number.


This is fun. Something that is sweet and sour. Big or small. Green or red and I sat under it once and felt happy. Hmm if I sat under it, it must be big. Lucas was there with me because he made the riddle. Where have we been recently?

Picnic under an apple tree, grape vine tour, and the stable. Oh and nonno's house.

What is red or green out of all that?

Stable of the list and so is the grapevine. Apple tree and Nonno's house are still on the list. What is big or small? A house can't be small so it's probably the apple tree.

Onwards to the apple tree.

Arriving at the tree a Santa's sack was hidden in the whole in the trunk of the tree. I pulled it out of the trunk and opened it. inside a black dress lay with black high heels. I put the things back in the bag and headed back to the house.

I arrived at the house and went to my room to put the sack on the bed. I decided to hang the dress because I didn't want it to get wrinkled. What was I supposed to do with the dress?

I jumped on the bed and spread myself on the bed. I closed my eyes and started thinking. Lucas was nowhere to be seen since this morning. He was leaving the notes but I hadn't seen him. That sneaky bastard.

I opened my eyes and saw an envelope stuck to the ceiling. How did he get it up there?

I stood up on the bed and reached for it. The damn thing is to high. What can I use? What the hell. Why not have fun? I started jumping up and down, up and down. I felt that sharp edges of the envelope and grabbed it, pulling it down with me. I opened it.

Amore mio,
Put on the dress and heels, a car will be waiting for you outside. Inside the car a blindfold will be on the seat. Put it on and sit tight. ( think of me shirtless kitten) When you have arrived at the destination I will personally take you out of the car. Be ready for the ride of your life.


The vacation time, let's have fun. I looked at the clock and saw it was 4 o'clock in the afternoon. I have 3 hours before the car is here. Time to beautify my beautiful face. ( do not have a big ego☺️😍.)


I heard a car pull up while I was finishing up my makeup consisting of mascara from Mexico and some lipstick. I gave myself a last look on the mirror and walked towards the driveway.

As the note said a black polka dotted blind fold lay on the seat of the car. I had no plans of putting the blind fold on but the driver wouldn't start the car without me wearing it.

Here goes nothing.


Who still has there grandparents. Well are 6 ft under so I never met them except my moms dad.

If you still have them take them to Denny's or make them chocolate chip pancakes.

Show some love people.


P.p.s. I updated today because I'm going to be busy this weekend.

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