18// Derek

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Rushing through the crowds, flashing my badge at the officer to get through to the crime scene.

When the calls came through the station of an explosion, on the road just outside of where I knew my brother's gym is located. I just got this wave of dreed in my stomach.

"What happened here officer?" I ask the officer on the scene, just as my eyes flicker to the ambulances driving off, and my eyes move to the brunt up wrack of what used to be a Jeep, the same type of car my brother drives.

And I'm trying to not let my thoughts go there, because it's really hard to tell what type of car that is, with it brunt like that.

"Looks like a car-bomb maybe. Detective, but until forensic is done we won't know for certain" Nodding my head at the young officer.

"Any casualties?" I forced out, needing to know every bit of information.

"None that are fatal. There were two victims both are being escorted to hospital as we speak".

Letting out a breath or relief as I hear that nobody is dead, just hurt which means there's hope.

"Names?" The officer looks through his notebook and then looks back up at me, and his faces goes pale as he reads the names.

And I just knew one of those names on that list is Deacon.

"Deacon Henderson and Victoria Winters" The officer announced shakily.

Looking around the street and then too the car, what the hell happened here?

I need to get to my family.

Walking through my house, Daisy sleeping soundly in my arms. Tori walking in-front of me. I insisted that she stays here with me for tonight and every other night till I catch this guy.

Tonight, could have been so much worst for them. When I got the hospital, I was a mess, but lucky enough I was told that they were banged up but were going to be fine.

Deacon got a piece of metal lodge in his shoulder, a few stitches later and he's good, but the doctors were worried about an infection, so their keeping him overnight. Just to keep an eye on him.

And Tori she has a minor concussion and a sprained wrist, they placed a soft cast on it for a few weeks just to help with healing.

From the wrack of that car, they got lucky if they were just a few inches closer, it could have been a different outcome for either one of them or both.

"I'm going to put her down in her crib, you can take my room-;" I cut off and pointed to my bedroom door,

"It's that one there, I left some clothes out for you, their probably too big, but they will do for tonight, until we can get yours from the house"

Tori nods her head, and a ghostly smile appears slightly on her lips.

But she doesn't say anything, honestly, she hasn't said much since the hospital, or the drive back home.

I'm worried that she's pulling away from me, I worried that she thinks what happened to Deacon is her fault, and with that she might try to run or distance herself from us. And if she did that it's going to be a lot harder to protect her from this unknown unsub, who wants everyone out of their way to get to Tori.

Placing Daisy down gently in her crib, grabbing the iPad with the camera feed on it and headed back out, leaving my daughter to sleep soundly.

Walking down the hallway and stood outside my bedroom, taking a moment to collect my thoughts, before knocking gently on the door.

After a few seconds of completely silence from the other side, I hear her voice.

"Come in".

Getting my own breathing under control, before opening the door and slowly took a few steps into the room.

My eyes instantly find Tori, sitting on the edge of the bed, looking defeated, lost even and I hate seeing that look on her face, because this isn't her fault.

Without saying a word, I make my way over to where she is sat. And bend down so I am eye level with her.

"Tori look at me...babe" I gently say, she doesn't look at me or say anything.

Softly placing my thumb under her chin, tipping her chin up so her eyes meet mine.

"This isn't your fault." I said, trying to get her to understand that's it's not.

"Like hell it isn't, Derek" She sniped back with bite and guilt.

Looking her dead in the eye, determined to make her see that it isn't. There's only one person to blame in all of this, and that's the person who thinks they have any right over her, when they don't.

"Listen to me, you aren't to blame. Not for what happened to Deacon or yourself, tonight, there's only  one person who is and we will get them...do you understand". She looks at me for a split second.

"If your smart, you'll get your brother and your daughter. And get as far as you can away from me" she whispers.

Gently placing both my hands on the side of her face and looked her dead in the eye once again, so she hears and takes in every word I am about to say to her.

"Not happening, you and me we're in this together till the end-;" I announced, staring at her and then give her a small smile, before adding.

"And then, I'm going to take your out on a date".

Tori blinks a few times, but then lets out small genuine laugh.

"I thought I rubbed you the wrong way?" She asks with her own smirk, remembering what I said about her at the BQQ, that day.

"You do, but in a crazy yet good kind of way" I admitted.

For a few seconds she doesn't say anything, she just studies me.

And then she simples, moves her lips closer to me and presses them against mine.

It's a sweet, slow, quick kiss but it still sends electricity through my body.

Tori pulls back and smiles softly towards me.

"Stay with me tonight?" She whispers, nodding my head and stood up.

Tori moves to the other side of the bed and lies down, making room for me. Taking my shoes off and then gently climbed in next to her, pulling her into my embrace and wrapped my arms around her.

"Sleep, I've got you." I whispered into her ear.

Not long after I hear the peaceful sounds of her snoring, as she sleeps in my arms.

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