chapter 2

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"okay let's do this."

dream nodded his head in agreement.

"i hope this photographer isn't an idiot like the rest." dream explained. "we've spent so much money to just get shitty photographers."

"i bet this one will be good." sapnap said as he walked. "they said he was training and this is first day, but i'm just hoping he'll be good."

"what's his name?" dream said.


"how old is he?" dream asked, he had too many questions about this random guy.

"i don't know. what's with all the questions?" sapnap laughed.

"just wondering."

dream walked in the overly big building, a very nice building to be precise. he'd never been there before, but from what it looked like it's be a great place to take pictures.

finally they got to the dressing room, a makeup artist sat in a chair arranging the makeup along the table. multiple people scattered throughout the room, racks of clothing also scattered through the room.

"okay this is what you'll be wearing." sapnap pointed to the single rack.

gray pants, a black turtleneck and a matching gray jacket hung on the hangers.

"nice choice man." dream said patting sapnaps back.

"thanks, i am pretty good at what i do." sapnap shrugged while dream giggled.

a young man walked through the door, he was dressed nicely. the two boys turned around to see one of their best friends standing at the door.

"karl!" sapnap shouted. "what the fuck are you doing here?"

"i'm managing the new kid." karl said. "i know i've had a lot of disappointments for you guys but this ones good, i promise you'll like him."

a ding came from karls phone, he looked down at it.

"and speaking of him, he just texted me that he's here. you guys wanna meet him?" karl said.

"yeah for sure, i'm counting on you for this." dream said.

they all walked out of the dressing room and walked to the back of the building where george would be. a walk that seemed like forever to dream but was only 30 seconds ended when they all saw a man waiting at the door, he wore regular suit pants and a white tucked in shirt.

"here he is!" karl said pointing over to the man.

dream was hesitant to shake the mans hand, but reached out and did it anyways. the man followed back with a firm handshake.

"i'm george." he said.

the two stared at the man, his features were defined and looked perfect. they were surprised he was here to be a photographer instead of a model.

"well this is dream and his assistant sapnap, you'll be getting photos of dream today." karl explained.

"well it's nice to meet you george." sapnap said. "we've been looking for a great photographer and hopefully you won't let us down."

george stayed silent, dream could tell he was nervous maybe even scared to directly make eye contact with any of them.

"we're chill by the way." dream said. "if you suck we won't tell you directly to your face unless you're really bad."

"dream filter yourself." sapnap interrupted.

"what i'm just saying. there's no reason he should be nervous."

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