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;-; WHY? WATTPAD DELETED EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!! Your seven by the way *cries* MA WORK!

(y/n) pov

I skipped into my room and sat in front of my doll house, "(Y/n) Dinner will be ready in five minuets!" My mom called, "OK!" I called back. I went back to my dollies, "The Doctor will see you now, Miss, Polly." I said in my best nurse voice. I was pretending Miss, Polly was sick with chicken pocks, even though I have no idea what that is. (Oh young reader you are absolutely adorable<3) I smiled and Miss, Polly 'walked' into the doctors room, which was a pillow. Little Jackie followed. Jackie was her adopted daughter. "AAHHH!" I jumped in surprise. "Mommy?" I said getting up. I heard a few thumps and my dad scream. I grabbed Miss, Polly and walked slowly to the the living room, "Mommy? Daddy?" I called. There was something red coming from the kitchen, 'Ketchup?' I thought holding my doll closer to me. "Hello?" I asked, a man walked out, "Hello little girl." He had a checkered Hood that had red spots on it, more ketchup? He knelled in front of me, "Whats your name?" "(Y/n)!" I said happily. "Hello (y/n), I'm Mitch." He said with a smile. "Wheres my mommy?" I asked Mitch. "Well, she went on a trip and wont be back for a while, so did your dad." (;-;) "Ok." I said sadly, then smiled, "Want to play with me and Miss, Polly?" I asked showing him my doll. He smiled, "Sure." I smiled wider and showed him where my room was.

Oh my god, well thats a tad sad.

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