Origins Of Slenderman Chap 5 (final)

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After some days, Rachel met James in the forest and apologized for not meeting him yesterday. She told him about the class party that they were going to have in school tonight and that Mary had finally invited Rachel to become one of her friends. Rachel was excited and told James that she must attend or Mary would be cross with her and that would mean the end of their friendship. James, pleasantly, had allowed her to go although he was still suspicious of Mary. Mary had been bullying Rachel for a long time and it couldn’t have been that Mary suddenly had an epiphany or change of heart. Even though Rachel said that he shouldn’t come, he still did but only in secret, without Rachel knowing.

Wearing the paper shopper, he followed Rachel who was wearing a lovely silver dress with wings behind her back. The night sky was filled with stars and he could hear the sounds of people conversing. They didn’t notice him at all because it was still too dark to see clearly. James entered the school building and saw lots of children playing on the swings or with dolls. There was a little table with cakes and other scrumptious desserts and on top of the school building, he spied on little Rachel and Mary…except that Rachel was crying.

Mary was attacking her with her fists, beating her like a sack of flour. Again Mary launched a fist to Rachel’s stomach and then hit her nose. Others besides Mary were pounding her too. James swiftly removed the shopper from his face and dashed towards the stairs of the building to save his friend. Once he came he saw Rachel, crouching low to hide her bloody nose. He bent down and hugged her protectively. Mary, who clutched stones in her big hand, was repulsed and at the same time, horrified.

“So this is your ‘special’ friend. Well you should know that he’s ugly like you!” She sneered.

“No, he’s not!” screamed Rachel, “how can you be so mean!” but that didn’t make Mary sympathetic. She just laughed mockingly.

James interjected “Did she do this to you Rachel? Did she hurt you?” he asked, wiping the blood that was collected under her nose.

Instead Mary replied, “So what if I did it? YOU BOTH ARE FREAKS. No will ever wanna be friends with the both of you, especially not crazy Rachel!” She flung one of the stones which directly hit Rachel on the knee. Rachel cried while Mary laughed with the others.

James had never felt the feeling of pure agony before. It was rising up and he could feel it surge through his veins, arteries, everything. It made his heart ache with repulsion and pain. Irascible James stood up and walked closer to Mary who had begun to back away, after seeing the features of the creature clear as dawn. His tall shadow had dominated over her small body and she had nowhere to run. The black tendrils had caught both her arms and she began kicking in the air. They painfully began to strip her skin away, peeling it off like an orange. Muscles and veins were dumped on the ground as the tentacles began to strip. They had entered inside her skin. Everyone was terrified of Mary’s shrieks and soon they died out.

James tossed the bloody body like a rag doll and provided the others a menacing glare. They ran as fast they could except for Rachel, who had stood numb. James walked towards her but she moved back instinctively. Something was wrong…

“Why did you do that?!”

“But she hurt you…”

“How could you! You killed her!”

“Rachel I,” James tried to grab her arm.

“NO! Get away from me, you monster!”

“Rachel, please don’t call me that. I’m terribly sorry…”

“HELP! Somebody help me. Mommy! Daddy!” she rushed down the stairs to warn.

James followed her but couldn’t see anyone the moment he reached down the stairs. All the children must have fled after hearing the deadly screams of Mary and the others, including Rachel...What have I done, thought James who was now shivering with fear and confusion. He left the building and kept on searching for his friend until he saw a mob of men and women, holding torches and weapons. “Kill the monster!” they shouted unanimously and began chasing after him. James scurried as fast as he could so that he could reach the forest but his path was blocked by a ring of fire. All the trees were burnt down, creating a fiery boundary. The people had surrounded him and suddenly out of horde, dad came with a blade in his hand.

James had never felt frightened to see dad whose eyes were now filled with loathe and murder. James raised his hands, gesturing dad to stop and tried explaining to him but his dad didn’t give him a chance.


He swatted James face so hard that James began to bleed from the face and again he whacked on the other side of his cheek. James couldn’t breathe for a moment. His skin felt like fire and his body trembled due to the pain. Father punched the boy in the center of his face and the force of it made him stumble backwards. James felt his father hands, pinning him firm on the ground. He tried to squirm but he couldn’t escape from his father’s clawing grasp. Dad aimed the knife on his chest and rapidly like lightening, struck his heart with it. James felt a terrible pain and it wasn’t easy to bear with it. His skin had felt wet as the wound was overflowing with blood. He felt his life almost drowning away, leaving his body. Momentarily, he turned towards the other direction to see mum crying and then he looked at dad, who laughing malevolently. And then the demon was brought out of James.

He grabbed his father’s arms with his slithery tentacles, applying pressure on them and this had caused his father to clench his teeth because of the intense pain. “How are you still alive?” squawked his father,  who was now looking at his child face to face but as he looked, Reverend’s spine chilled…he could feel the monster’s threatening glare. The area where James mouth should have been was beginning to stretch like as if vein were protruding outwards, almost creating the outlines of mouth. He gave a wrathful roar and it was so savage that it made his father struggle and scream. The tentacles twisted and turned and Reverend’s head was no longer attached to his body.

After dealing with his decapitated father, he dealt with several others however most of them ran away including Rachel, who had watched the violence all along. Mum stood there isolated, gazing at her son who was departing away from the catastrophic scene. He looked back at her and both of them just stared for a minute.

“Oh James…” she weakly said his name for the first time and but soon she had forgotten everything. James had wiped her memories away.

Twilight was approaching and James had stridden into the forest, his heart filled with hate for the humans. He despised them now and hated everything about them including their existence. Suddenly he heard a shifting sound in the woods but he wasn’t afraid of a mere sound, not anymore. A boy, who wore torn-blood stained clothes, appeared from the bushes but he was no ordinary human boy. He was pale like James except for the fact that he had a mouth on his face and his tentacles were pure marble white. They both stared at each other for moment. The shivering adolescent backed an inch away and to that James replied “Do not be afraid, for I am just like you.”

Will, the youth in ragged blood stained clothes stopped shivering. He gazed at the tall slender thing whose clothes and tentacles were also stained with thick blood. “And you’re…just like me.” He said huskily.

To this day, James Reverend Smith ceased to exist and was resurrected into something much more dreadful, powerful and horrendous. Given the title of ‘Slenderman’, he plagued the humans’ lives, stirring fear into their hearts. Will or known to later be as the ‘Offenderman’ became his brother and helper. They lived secretly in a dimension which Slenderman had created: a home where people like him and Offenderman can live and prosper. Soon he recruited the unfortunate Anthony (Trenderman) and Larry (Splendorman) and made them his brothers as well. The world was in darkness and the world became much darker when, after a thousand years, he began enrolling other human and non-human ‘proxies’. To this day, no one knows how Slenderman can be killed, nothing can possibly end him. His father tried but failed. After the world knowing that Slenderman exists, the world was cannot be the same anymore.             

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