Origins Of Slenderman Chap 4

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Spending most of his days in the forest, James wasn’t sure of how to introduce himself to people. Why do I feel afraid? Was dad… no, dad is wrong. I can prove it, James uncomfortably thought as he used a piece of coal to scribble a face on a discarded paper shopper. After that, he suddenly heard a whistling sound. A sweet melodic tune. Where was it coming from? James ventured to see who it was until he spotted a little girl with ribbons in her blonde hair. She was whistling to herself since she had no friends around her and had nothing to do. Was she alone? James peered closer to see but she was gone all of sudden. He wondered where she went until he noticed a figure standing next to him, its pair of green eyes staring at him…the first outsider who witnessed him.

James hastily covered his face with the paper shopper and remained quiet, trying to understand the emotions of the girl. Was she scared? Was she going to tell the others? Was father right about me?… but his thoughts were troubled when he heard her laugh. It was not a laugh filled with loathe, it was filled with love and amazement.

“You don’t have to hide your face, I’m sorry that I startled you but you do look a bit funny.”

James was baffled. “I thought you were afraid of me.”

“No I am not. You’re not so scary to scare me, in fact you actually look like a very thin snowman that needs a carrot and eyes,” She reached to take the shopper that covered his featureless face. “What’s your name? My name is Rachel. Are you lost?” The questions were endless until it was his turn to reply

“I am known to be named James and no, I am not lost. I don’t even want to return home yet. There is so much I want to see right now but I’m slightly…no I’ll admit that I am very daunted because this place is very new to me and I don’t even have a guide nor a friend to help me explore it. I feel so alone.”   

Rachel grabbed his slender hands to reassure him, “Don’t worry James, I’ll be your friend and guide. I always wanted to have a special friend who would be there for me since I don’t have any friends either. We can be friends! Right? Because that would be so lovely!”

James didn’t even think for a second when he replied “Yes.”

As the days passed, Rachel and James spent their time in the same forest, playing with each other. Sometimes they would talk about their lives and sometimes he would give her rides or tickle her with his tentacles. He had loved the feeling of this and loved her a great deal. He once wanted to visit her at home but Rachel said that it was best if he didn’t since her parents wouldn’t feel comfortable. James still didn’t understand this but nevertheless he obeyed her. She would sometimes come with huge bundle of toys so that James could play and even though a man grown, he still played with them like an inquisitive child. 


On one cloudy bleak day, Rachel ran into James arms and began to sob. He had asked her why was she crying for he had never saw her cry before. At first, she was reluctant to tell but later she told that Mary, a classmate of her age, had bullied her today.

“She said very mean things to me. She said that I don’t have any friends because I’m strange and crazy,” sniffled Rachel.

“But you have me Rachel, you don’t need anyone else and it’s not bad being different. I mean look at me.”

Rachel gazed at his face but still couldn’t feel glee as she said wistfully, “I know but you don’t understand. I always wanted to have Mary as my friend. She is so pretty and has lots of dolls…oh you can’t understand! You don’t even know how I feel right now!” She began sobbing until James caught her chin and carefully lifted it up so that her eyes could meet his face.

“I know Rachel that I would never understand how you’re feeling but I wish I did. I wish I could make you happy and be the one with the dolls so that I could share them with you and only you. If I ever had eyes Rachel, I would cry with you. And if I had lips, I would smile so that you can smile back.”

After ending the reply, Rachel squeezed James so hard that it began to throb his slender arms. “You don’t need eyes or a smile to show me that, James. I can already see it.”

James felt as if he was going to cry now.

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