Chapter 18

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I lay down in my bed, staring up at the ceiling, not even trying to make an attempt to sleep because I knew I wouldn't. Thoughts bombarded my mind, hundreds just swarming around making me feel worse.

After a few hours of endless thinking I finally moved. I opened my door quietly and made my way to the main area of the common room. The fire crackled and sizzled, coating the room in a golden glow. I took a seat in front of the fire, on the big couch.

'How could I be so stupid?' I thought, mentally scolding myself. I just couldn't believe that Harry was gone. . .gone. He is stubborn and will most likely stick by his decision, which sucks.

My eyes started tearing as I thought of the possibility of never talking to him again. I tried to hold it in but after a while I just let the tears escape my eyes. I buried my face in my hands, hoping I would just disappear. My cries had become louder but I kept them soft enough so that I wouldn't wake Draco, my plan failed because I felt the couch sink a bit. Warm hands gently pulled my own hands from my face, my eyes yet again met those silver ones which intrigued me on the very first day I was here.

"Samantha, I know nothing I say will change how you are feeling right now but I just want to tell you that this is not your fault. Don't blame yourself for this, don't beat yourself up about it" he said cupping my face in his comforting hands but tears still rolled off of my cheeks.

"Please don't cry, it makes me sad when I see you cry" he said and I gave him a weak and watery smile for his kind words that made me melt inside.

"Thank you" I said ever so softly.

"What for?" He asked

"Everything" I whispered even softer

"If anything I should be thanking you" he said and placed a kiss on my forehead.



Under normal circumstances I love school but due to recent events of having my feelings messed with Id rather sleep. . .and eat.

I walked down the corridors with my head in a book, frantically reading anything my mind would take. We had an essay to write for potions.

I walked, not looking were I was going and I bumped into someone.

"Sorry" I mumbled as I bent down to retrieve my books. I looked up to see a very familiar head of black hair, like my own. Damn.

He looked up and immediately the smile he once had was replaced with a blank expression. He stood up fast and started walking away.

"No! Harry wait!" I said and ran after him, not caring about the books I left behind. I ran until I caught the back of his shirt. He reluctantly turned to face me.

"Let go" he said not looking at me in the eye.

"No Harry we need to talk about this, please, it's bugging me I can't think straight and I just feel so -" I said trying to talk to him.

"What Sam, what do you feel? Sorry for me?! Why don't you just forget about me, be happy with your new boyfriend who by the way worked with the thing that tried to kill me! Can you just leave me alone! Go away and don't talk to me!" He shouted

"Why!?" I asked and at this he looked at me straight in the eye.

"Oh I'll tell you why, because I got my heart ripped out. . .by you! I could have lived with that, but you actually being with Malfoy. It makes me mad!" He said his voice rising.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know Harry, don't you get that? I didn't know you like me like that and I'm sorry I didn't recognize it, I really am but you can never change who i like. Harry i am really sorry " I said trying to apologize

His expression changed.

"Listen Sam, I know you didn't know but I just thought you could pick someone better than that to be with" he said "I-I-I'm sorry for freaking out and shouting like that" and he walked forward, brought me closer to him and pulled me into a hug.

"So? You forgive me then?" I asked hopefully.

"Yes" he said

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