Origins Of Slenderman Chap 3

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Sophy, the young maid of the manor, had felt quite sorry for the child, locked in the room. What kind of a father would do such a thing? It’s true that he’s not human but still he should at least sit and eat with his parents on the table, she irritatingly thought. It’s funny when she suddenly felt warm tears trickling down her face. Perhaps he’s just like me…

Sophy had never been fortunate with her father as well who would abuse her physically and sexually. Most of the time, when she would come back home, he would lock her in a room where she would be abused the entire night. She hated parents especially those who didn’t care about their children. All children ever wanted from their parents was love. The senior maid unexpectedly appeared and shoved Sophy which caused her to fall. She began scolding the girl for ignoring her duties but the pretty Sophy mechanically apologized and started cleaning the lord’s room.

At night, after his mum bade him goodnight through the other side of the door, James heard someone slip something under the door. He got up to see what the object was and to his astonishment it was a key. The key to my door, James thought as he picked the rusty metal piece with his tentacle, but who could have…

Did he need to know…did it matter? …this was his chance to freedom. The opportunity was present and now he can easily seize it. With him, he only took a blanket since his only clothes were the nightgown (which he was wearing presently) and he began unlocking the door. Gingerly, he climbed down the stairs, hoping that no sound or creak would wake his parents but he easily passed the stairs. He opened the main door and rapidly sprinted as fast as he could. Surprisingly, he never even looked back for a moment.

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