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“god, he's so annoying.” the raven grumbles, stabbing his fork on the rubbery meat served on his lunch plate.

“w- gah- who?” tweek turns to him, taking a sip on his coffee. the coffee was so strong he could smell the liquid from where his nose was. it wasn't sweet, more likely had a burnt and bitter, cardboard-like. he didn't like it, but he was used to it.

“mccormick.” he replies, attempting to eat the chewy meat. he admits, it has a nice taste, but the texture was awful. he could feel it with his tongue and the inside of his cheeks. his nose scrunched up.

yuck. tweek's coffee is definitely much more better than this. craig thought to himself, grabbing some nearby clean napkin and spitting out the meat, covering it. fuck this meal. i'd rather starve than eat what they serve. not worth my twenty dollars. craig pushes the plate away from him.

tweek went quiet for a moment. but it didn't last long. “o-oh. what did he do to you?” he asks, his usual twitching seeming to calm down a bit. craig thinks the mention of kenny probably did it.

“asshole almost masturbated next to me.” craig groans, moving his head to the table, folding his arms to be his pillow.

clyde's obnoxious laugh and voice erupted on the other side of the table, who just got there. he arrived with token and sat at their usual spot, in front of craig. “no way, dude! really?” the raven thought it was his time to sleep. he is not listening to clyde babble.

“mm.” craig groans as a response.
he shoved his head on his arm, knowing clyde, he'll maybe bicker about what craig said or about himself, or/and women. so craig did his best and try to pass out, eyelids beginning to close, and his body's tensity lowering down. he was in peace for two minutes.

only for him to be awakened by what he was avoiding the most, clyde. of fucking course.

“dude. duuddee!” clyde calls, shaking craig by the shoulder. by every 'dude', his shaking got more aggressive.

his head rises from his arms, looking at clyde, a noticeable tiredly angry expression on his face. “i'm-” he grunts. “what?” he glares at the latter, voice obviously irritated.

“token's wondering if we could have a sleepover, invite some of the guys, too!” clyde beams, brightly. ignoring the obvious frown on craig's face.

see- craig stayed up until three am watching red racer, and playing with stripe. the exhaustion was just catching up to him now, so he was too tired for anything or anyone's bullshit, he didn't fully understand what clyde was saying- nor did he acknowledge there was going to be 'other guys'. “yeah, whatever. i don't fucking care.” then proceeds to hide back in his arms.

fuck all of this.


his eyelids got heavier as time passes.
craig enters the room, spotting a seat in the back, a spot where he can perfectly sleep.
cartman was early, and he was just in front of the back. it was perfect.

he mazed his way behind eric's seat, slumping on it and placing his bag beneath his chair carelessly.

craig can hear eric snort like a pig he is, making offensive remarks at kyle. it was sincerely annoying, he didn't like it one bit. while kyle was close to murdering the latter, though. yelling back at eric every time he says something.

the raven grumbles, head placed on the potentially filthy desk. but he had his hat cover it anyway. “let this day be fucking finished, please, dear lord.” craig murmurs, tone a bit desperate.

only a few students made their appearance, making conversations or just scribbling down on paper or paperwork. craig was the only one who was almost falling asleep, eyelids closed.

the chair on his left made a squeaky noise, and he assumes that someone was sitting next to him. he wanted it to be a mystery, god knows who was it. he hopes it was tweek, or token, they're the only rational frie—

“hey there, craigory!” a familiar voice beams.

oh, god. oh, no.

it only started to get louder. and more annoying, in craigs opinion. “craig? craiggorrryy?”

as if his day couldn't get any worse.

he flips kenny off. “please fuck off, kenny. i'm seriously trying to get peace and quiet.” craig hisses, eyes still closed, not wanting to see the blonde. “i want to sleep.”

“oh.” he realized. “sorry, i guess! well, go with your sleep now, i'll cover for ya.”

his offer was only met with another one of craigs middle finger.

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