Origins Of Slenderman Chap 2

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After six years…

James had probably spent most of his life in a congested little room which ultimately became his own room. It was quite dank and stark unlike the other ostentatious rooms of the house but how was he to know what the other rooms looked like; he was never given the permission to wander outside his chambers. He once did see his parents’ room but later dad decided that he shouldn’t even visit them (however they could) and to ensure this, dad would lock up the room every night.

The atmosphere grew cold and the mist had pressed against the window pane. James rubbed the moist with his nightgown sleeve and began to watch the kids outside, who were enjoying playing in the sun. This perhaps was his only hobby: watching kids play in the mud or sometimes playing tag and how much he longed to go outside and play with them, to feel the sun’s heat and to see people around him. Isolation was indeed his curse but his father preferred it for him since he believed it was for his own ‘protection’.

He sighed after the usual noting and sat on his bed, staring blankly at the floor. I know that I am different but he should just give me the chance to prove myself. I know no one will be afraid of me, James pondered a while. Until the door opened and Mum came in, with dad.

She greeted him with a smile but naturally it shrunk away when turned to see dad’s severe expressions. Dad attempted to smile but it was rather an awkward one “We came to see you, child. Are you…well?” he cleared his throat.

But James already knew at the back of his mind that father had nothing to say. A great actor he was, when came to play a father role. James nodded silently and continued to stare at the floor.

“You don’t look so well pet” Mum rushed and put the back of her hand on his slender throat, “Are you feeling feverish?”

“No mum, I’m…fine.” The manly voice broke down already indicating hesitance. He didn’t want to discuss the issue that bothering him with anyone, especially not his father, since he could guess what the answer might be.

His father raised an eyebrow and demanded to know what was troubling him though he still persisted to show hesitance but this might be the only opportunity to explain and perhaps he might succeed in explaining. The moment when James got up, his parents instinctively backed away, still not used to the abnormal height of their son however he didn’t complain about their behavior. 

“Dad I need to tell you something. With your permission, I want to have the chance of exploring outside. I…I know that I am different and I know that you’re perhaps thinking that people won’t accept me but you have to give me a chance. Maybe they won’t be afraid, maybe they might…” He ceased to continue after looking at the amused expression written on his father’s face.

“Child, are you suggesting that I should stop my methods of keeping you safe and let you go like that? And you think that when people will see you; they will greet you or shake your hands as if you were one of them?”

“I, No…but I…”

“I don’t understand you. Aren’t you grateful for being protected? To live in home where everyone here loves you? Don’t you understand what it will do to our status if you were exposed to the world?”

Status? Is that all he cares…“Father, if you just hear me out and I’ll…”

Reverend raised his hand, specifying that the conversation was at an end. “Firstly, never talk back to your father boy!” He warned threateningly “And secondly, I suggest you ponder for a while about the situation you are in. No one and believe me boy, no one is going to have the thought of accepting you as a person.”

Mother delicately touched his arm “Reverend, please don’t…”

“Oh for the love of God, Rebecca! Don’t you understand that I had to tell this ungrateful boy eventually?! No one will ever show him love the way we do and if he continues to think carelessly, we will be degraded in the eyes of all the townspeople. Try to understand dammit!” His voice echoed across the room and after that, no one uttered a word.

Later Mum and dad left, locking the door of his room even though the sun was at its highest but that didn’t concern him since he knew that his father sometimes would lock the door when he was in an exasperated mood. However, he couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Slumping back on the bed, he did nothing but stared at the bony, delicacy of his fingers. Could dad be right? He wondered, was it the inevitable truth? Break his heart…degrade us…no one will show love… no, dad was wrong. It was all false. Just because he was different that doesn’t mean he’s threat, a toxin or some kind of a monster. No one ever gave him the chance of trying and maybe who knows, it would turn out to be alright and maybe dad was just overreacting…

He rested his body on the soft mattress and pulled the blanket to cover his featureless face. Yet he was not feeling sleepy, he was only wistfully wondering about the world and beyond.

James life passed like an empty shell for another year or so. He was getting paranoid by the way his father was treating him. Soon his father and he grew distant and for a time, his dad didn’t even come to visit him or even allow mother to do so as well. James however found new hobbies such as reading books but what was the fun in reading about a world you didn’t even know about. He even tried to draw him and his parents once but realized that he made eyes for himself in the drawing. Frustrated, he crossed both the eyes on the drawing and returned back to observing people from the window.

Routine had turned him sick and for some days he was facing an unknown illness all alone. The doctor came to check on him but he couldn’t identify the cause to his high fever and back pains. Mum was worried and dad didn’t care at all. Soon, several days ago, James felt as if something was wriggling inside his skin. It was trying to tear his back apart and he couldn’t bear the blazing feeling of the pain anymore. In such peculiar occasions, dad came to assist. He tried to relax him but the incredible pain surged through his child’s body, making him scream. Dad, as expected, had no choice but to restrain him. He pinned him on the wall and held his arms tightly so that he wouldn’t cause any damage or try to flee. Flesh exploded and James’s blood sprayed on dad’s face as the black slithery tentacles sprouted from his back. By the end of it, James fainted whereas dad remained petrified for the rest of the day.         

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