Ch. 25

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Harmony's p.o.v|

Today's the day of the shoot. I'm so nervous about it. I'm literally shaking right now. I just need to talk to someone about this. But I can definitely not talk to Luke about this.

I decide to go see who's at the 5SOS' house now. I just need to talk to one of the boys. I need a boys perspective on this.

"Hello?" I walk into the house.

"Hey!" Michael greets me.

"Hi Mikey."

"What's wrong?"

"How could you tell?" I look at him nervously.

"I'm one of your best friends, Harmony. I know when something's wrong, trust me."

"Well, I got a call last night from this guy from a swim suit magazine. He wants me to be in the magazine with Sophia."

"What's the problem then?" Michael asked.

"It's just I'm so nervous about it. I don't want Luke to find out about this."

"Why?" He replied.

"Because it would be the most embarrassing moment of my life if he finds out!" I reasoned.

"No it wouldn't. He would love it, Harmony!"

"You think?"

"I know" he said.

"I'm just gonna be straight forward here and just say... I don't have the best body, Michael."

"Harmony, listen to me okay. Luke's crazy about you, he thinks you're the most beautiful thing in the world. He would love you doing this!" Mikey tells me.

"But..." I try to reply.

"But nothing. You're doing this for you. He supports you no matter what."

"I know that" I reply.

"Then go do this!" He smiled.

"Okay, I will do it. But I can't tell Luke now okay."

"Fine" Michael says.

"I will tell him soon."

"You better" he replied.

I leave the house for the photo shoot. But first, I go Sophia. We then go the beach for the shoot.


"Hello my lovelies." A woman greets us.

"Hi, I'm Harmony and this is Sophia."

"I know, right this way." The girl leads us to a tent.

We go in and see everything set up. Including a makeup section, hair section, and wardrobe.

"Alright, we have a makeup artist ready for you girls over there. So do that and I'll be back in 20 minutes." The girl spoke.

We nod and go over to makeup. The irk does our makeup. After it's done, I look in the mirror.

"You like it?" She asks.

"I love it!" I smile at her.

The girl smiles back at me. Now, it's time for hair. The woman takes a straightener and does my hair. The woman them curls Sophia's hair.

"Beautiful" she said.

I laughed.

Suddenly, I see the last person I thought I would see here.

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