BATCH 1 | #1

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Hi there!

Here is the preview of your cover, please do make sure you have and will follow and finish all rules. Also, please claim within a week, thank you for trusting the spell thief! <3


I-I hope it looks fine

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I-I hope it looks fine. (๑•﹏•)

It took me a lot of trial and error for this cover because it always ended up looking dark. And when I say DARK, you will literally only see a tiny glimpse of the actual picture and the rest are text . . . (@_@;)

I also tried to hide the back of the lady but I thought it would look too weird that only the elbows were showing . . . lol. Anywaaaaay, I hope you still like your cover!!

- The Spell Thief
a.k.a The Stupid Thief

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