Chapter 2

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I'm cursed—there I blurted it out. I'm not supposed to be this small, invisible to the eye, and unable to defend myself. In this state, my body is pathetic, weak, and highly vulnerable to the cold.

But I guess I only got myself to blame.

Years ago, I was the arrogant fairy king, ruler of the kingdoms, the man with plenty of women and power. I lived the good life without rules and routines; everything I did was selfish.

Griffin was the name that spread horror among the other races. The giants, the ogres, even the humans didn't dare fight their stupid wars while I sat on the throne, terrified to make me their enemy.

I had everything, a castle, tremendous magic abilities and potential, human girls who rubbed my feet, and plenty of slaves.

But thinking back, I wish I had done things differently, like not being overly confident.

In the past, I never said no to a challenge, and in the end, it became the downfall for Griffin, the fairy king.

One unfortunate night an older woman came to my castle, creepy face, hunchbacked—you know how the tales go; with a glint in her eye, she offered to make me even more powerful if I could find what most people search for their entire lives.

I remember her promising me that her challenge wasn't complex for most, that I could easily find the thing she was talking about; all I had to do was take her hand.

And stupid as I was, I took her hand and unwillingly accepted her challenge without asking what the consequences would be or what she expected to find, and it cost me everything.

The sly woman wanted me to find true love, and since I couldn't find anyone powerful or beautiful enough to become my wife, I failed the challenge.

Now I'm here, cursed, without my powers, and slowly disappearing into the void. The only way to stop me from eventually dying is finding my one true love, which is impossible since I'm tiny, invisible, and not one bit charming—how am I supposed to charm another fairy in an ant's body?!

I suppose lower-ranked fairies cannot size-change, but I wouldn't want to be together with a weakling; I would rather die. Besides, I'm not entirely sure what happened to the other fairies; I was the strongest one, their prince; after I shrunk, the giants destroyed my castle.

I sigh. The older lady had a good reason to cackle once I took her hand; I will never find my one true love. I can't even talk to people about my curse or earlier life because damn, the old hag thought about everything!

My situation is hopeless; the only person who can see me is a human girl called Kitten.

Her actual name is Freya, but I would never call her that. I call her Kitten because even though she is the cutest thing I've ever seen, she is also vicious and super-duper quick to defend herself—just like a cute kitten with its claws out.

Kitten is alright, though; we have a hate-love friendship where I tease her, and she tries to kill me in return. She is crazy, yet my first plan included her being my wingman in the quest for love. But the little thing is leaving the human kingdom tomorrow. She will marry my enemy, the giant king; I heard the housekeepers gossip with one another.

Fairies aren't that sentimental, we are selfish creatures, but even I feel bad for Kitten; I wouldn't want to marry a total stranger, especially not the brutal giant king.

Shivering, I fly in through Kitten's open window, settled to seek shelter in her bed.

Kitten hates it when I come to her for heat; she is always so violent, throwing tantrums and shit over me borrowing her covers. It's as if she doesn't understand the cold could kill me.

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