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"You sure your dad's not here?" I ask Ryan as we pack the remainder of his things.

"I think... I hope"

"Well, c'mon. Let's get out of here before we find out" I say carrying three bags full of clothes and shoes. The atmosphere of this house feels unreal. In the worst possible way, it gives me goosebumps. I quiver lightly as we emerge from Ryan's room. The wallpaper is frayed. It's slowly tearing apart, crinkling and wrinkling on the walls. Plates are scattered lazily across the dinning room table. The floor is scuffed and peeled from years of wear and tear. We hear a clatter from the next room as we head for the back door. Heavy stomping followed by yelling. "Who's There?!" The gruff voice demands. Ryan closes his eyes shut and hides against the wall, attempting to disappear. As much as I know he wants too, sadly he can't. I get closer to him, careful not to frighten him anymore than he already is. He's in such a fragile state. Just as I am about to console him, HE walks in, butcher knife clutched in his hand..

"What are you doing in MY house!?!" He demands.

"You... You said--" Ryan says shakily, trying to speak.

"Break into my house? Huh?!"

I force myself between the two of them. I won't let Ryan get hurt. EVER again! "Leave him alone!" I say.

"This isn't your concern kid. I suggest you leave before things get real ugly real fast" He threatens me, getting closer to my face.

"Not on your life" I mutter. I stomp hard on the bastards foot. "Run Ryan!" I scream. His dad already has a tight grip on my elbow. He twists it behind my back, causing me to fall to my knees. As much as I want to fight off the pain, it just hurts too much. A single tear escapes, rolling off my cheek. "Please"

"I told you to get out of here!" He raises the butcher knife high above my head. Rapidly striking it down, missing my head and instead wedging it into my shoulder. I feel it scrape against the bone and I cry. This horrible pain is practically eating me alive. I cant bear it. I cant stop the blood, the tears. I cant stop any of it. I collapse onto the floor and the blood begins to stain the worn carpet. I can see Ryan's feet creep towards the coffee table carefully. I hear a large crash. The broken debris of the lamp lies among the floor. His dads is even more furious now. I can see the rage building up in his eyes. Like an enormous fire wiping out an entire forest. I reach my arms around his legs to stop him from pursuing Ryan. But his boot kicks at my skull, leaving me to pass out from the tremendous pressure.

                                *               *               *                *               *               *

*Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.*
I hear the heart monitor announce my pulse to the world. I can feel a terrible pressure on my arm. It's as if it were being constricted. Its just so tight and uncomfortable. I slowly try to  move it onto my stomach. I wince and my eyes shoot open. Bright! Oh so bright. The combination of the fluorescent lights and the ghost white room are enough to blind a man. Its so vivid and harsh on my eyes. I have close my eyes, allowing them to adjust to the atmosphere of the room. A hospital. I know that much. Which one? Does it matter? I don't think so. I'm too drained to care either way. I mean. Why?! How could a Father do that to their own child? Well, Ryan is much older than a mere child, but still. It just fazes me. Maybe I'll never know. I can live with that. Just so long as I know that it NEVER happens again. Those images will forever live in my mind. Haunting me until I can learn to repress it.

My poor Ryan. I wonder how hes doing. IS he alright? Does he have any injuries at all? And if so, how bad are they? Are the Doctors and Nurses taking good care of him? They better be. If they don't.... Agh! Why does it hurt so.... Right... I feel so uncomfortable here. I wanna go see Ryan and get out of this place. I hate it here. *Knock, knock* The door swings open. Jon and Spencer.

"Hey" Jon says.

"We came to see how you were doing" Spencer states.

"Have you guys seen Ryan!?"

"He's staying at Christofer's place" Spencer answers.



"I though he left to do a mini tour?"

"Just came back. He's staying at a hotel"

"Oh. And is Ryan okay?"

"Well..." Jon starts. "He has a cut across his cheek and bruises on his arms. But he's okay. He'll live to fight another day"

"That's what I'm scared of. I don't want him to keep on fighting just to get by"

We all look down and stay quite. We have to stop this. I can feel tears stinging at my eye as I cry silently.

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