That night, at the hospital where Louis was confine... and you have arrived and enter Louis room...

        Everyone’s were there when Louis woke up, he open his eyes slowly...

“Hi Love?” said Elly “Hey? What happen?” Louis asked

“We were laughing at Harry's joke, but then you fell down...” Niall said on his side

“The doctor said, you work a lot that’s why you need to take a rest for days... you've been stressing yourself that much” said Harry

“Maybe 1 week is enough?” said Louis and try to stand up

“Woahw... Lou... Just stay there?” said Zayn and let him lie down

“So... Who’s hungry? I’ll go buy for food?” asked Liam

“Maybe you should go buy food for all of us...” said Elly

“Ok then... who'll coming with me?” said Liam

“I’m coming with you Cuz...” said Jack

“Cuz?” you asked

“Liam and I were cousins...” said Jack

“What?! Why you didn’t tell me? that you know him? So that's why you're here?” you said

“Ha ha ha... I forgot... We'll be back... I'll tell you everything” said Jack “OK...” you said

“(y/n)? Good to see you here?” said Louis

“Yeah... Jack called me when you collapsed” you said

“Oh... Good! He was their 'coz Liam called him and told me that they were cousines” Louis said

“and I think Jack likes you (y/n)? 'coz he really care that much to you and treat you well like his princess” Elly said

“Huh?.. *chinned down* No... When we’re high school he confessed that he likes me... but now we’re good for Friends... JUST CLOSE FRIENDS” you said

“We can’t tell that Love?” she said “He told me that too... when you left...” Louis said.

While the 3 of you were talking,


“Hey? Does (y/n) knew it?” said Niall and Zayn bumped him “Shut up? Keep your mouth shout... maybe she'll here you” said Zayn “Hey? What’s with her?” Harry asked then Niall looked at Zayn “Ahmm... Aaa... I said that Louis really works a lot for us and for the fans... that’s why he collapsed...” said Niall and Zayn also nod “OK” said Harry and looking at them straightly.

        And when Liam, and Jack were back with the foods

“Dinner Time! BOYS! and Oh girls too he he he” Niall said and pass over the foods to everybody, and Jack sat by your side

“Sorry... for not telling you earlier that Liam and I were-...” Jack said

“It’s fine Jacky... How come?” you asked

“His father, and my mother were cousins, that is why Liam and I makes us cousins...” Jack bro fist with Liam

“I didn’t know that... you two are friends?” said Liam

“Ha ha ha... well SHIT happens?” you said.

        While eating Elly helps Louis to eat, and fed him “Thanks Love” said Louis “You’re welcome” and kissed him on his forehead.

You were just looking at them two and Liam noticed you “Ehem?” as he waved his hand in front of you

“Yes?” you said

"Wonder Wall" (The Person you thinking about) ~ Louis Tomlinson ImagineRead this story for FREE!