Ch. 22

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Harmony's p.o.v|

We're all going out to eat lunch soon,. Luke is going to be picking me up soon.

"I'll see you later mom." I hug her tightly.

"Have fun," she tells me.

"I will."

I open the front door to see Luke standing there.

"Hey." I smile up at him.

"Hi beautiful." He smirked.

"Oh god." I blushed.

He takes my hand in his and we walk to his car.

"Hey!" Stacey greets me, as I slide into the backseat of the car.

"Hey girls." I smile at them.

"What no hi for me?" Michael pouts.

"Hi Mikey."

"Hello." He attempts to hug me, but it's more like squeezing me to death.

"My smurf." I giggled.

"Hey little one!" Calum and Ashton hug me next.


We drive to the restaurant. We go inside and wait to be seated.


"So, how's everything?" Rose asked.

"It's going good."

"That's good" she replied.

"Can you hang out tomorrow?" She asked.

"Yeah, what do you have in mind?"

"Just a little something" she said.


Suddenly, three girls come up to the table.

"Can we get a picture with you guys?" She asks the boys.

"We actually have to get going girls"
Ash said.

"I will come out and take a picture with you girls after, okay?" Luke told them.

"Okay." One of the girls smiled. The y walk out of the restaurant.

After dinner, Luke and I go out the front way to see some of the fans. The rest of them go outside the back and to the car.

Luke's arm was wrapped securely around my waist.

"Hey girls." I smiled.

"Hi, Harmony." The two girls smile at me.

"Do you girls want a snap?" Luke asked.

"Yes!" One girl squealed.

I laugh slightly.

He gets in for a picture with her and then the other four girls waiting.

"It was nice meeting you girls!" I smile brightly.

"You too, Harmony! You're even more prettier in person." One of the fans say.

"Aww, you're so sweet! But I am not pretty at all, trust me."

"Please Harmony" she replied.

Luke laughed.

"I won't keep him from you girls. Have fun!" I say to them all.

I want to give them an opportunity to meet Luke without me there. So they can tell him what they want to tell him.
I know how much the boys mean to them. So I think it's nice to let them have their time with them.

(The next day)

"Hey!" Rose greets me.

"Where are we going?" I ask her.

"Just a little some place, don't worry about it" she said.

"Okay." I lean back into the car seat.

Suddenly, we show up in front a studio. We go inside.

"What is this?" I ask Rose.

"Just a surprise," she says quietly.

"What?" I walk into a room.

I see someone standing there. It's a guy with curly dark hair, with his back to me.

"What is this?" I laugh at Rose.

The guy turns around and I was in shock.

"Oh my god!" I run into the persons arms.

I can't believe it's him. I haven't seen him in so long! I met him about a year ago, along with the others. I guess you could say it was because of the 5SOS boys.

"Harry!" I squealed like a little girl.

"The last time I saw you it was 6 months ago!" I smiled.

"I missed you, little one" Harry said.

Yeah, they all call me that and it's so frustrating.

"Where are the others?" I asked him.

Suddenly, I felt someone's arms around my waist. I turn to see Niall.

"Nialler!" I laugh and hugs me.

"We missed you!" Niall says.

"The feeling is mutual."

"How did you know?" I ask Rose.

"Well, I met a certain someone telling me about you and I said I was friends with you. So I made it happen." Rose explained.

"You're fantastic!" I smile widely.

"Who else is gonna pop up here?" I giggled.

"Maybe me?" I hear a couple of voices. A couple of girls come into the room.

"Oh shit!"

Did I just say that out loud. I see Louis's sister, Lottie, standing there. Along with Lou and Liam's girlfriend, Sophia.

"Oh my god!" I try to pick up Lottie and she shouts.

"Sorry." I laugh loudly.

"Group hug!" Zayn says suddenly.

We all get in a group hug.

"This is insane" I said.

"Don't you mean inzayn?" Louis said.

We all laughed.

(So what do you guys think so far?)

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