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Chapter 4

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*Tyler’s POV*

            “Hey Ty,” Korey greeted, as I closed the front door.

            I didn’t say anything and kept my face as heartless as possible. I crossed my arms and glared at him.

            He brushed his thumb over his nose, “What are we Ty? A couple? Or-“

            Before he said anything else, I broke him off, “No, we’re not a couple.”

            He stood there, with a face full of shock. I felt guilt rush through me but I ignored it. I noticed his eyes that were getting glassy as he looked away and his nose sniffled, “Ex-excuse me?” he stuttered.

            I took a deep breath before I said, “I don’t want to be with someone who cheats and makes the other partner feel like shit everyday. I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t treat me like they love me, but instead treats me like a piece of trash,” I could see my tears blurring the corners of my eyes, “You do all of that, Korey. And I don’t want to be with you anymore.”

            I felt a tension that I didn’t know I was holding lift off of me. A tear rolled down Korey’s cheek as he looked away. Another tension came back to me and it was a feeling of worry and guilt altogether. I didn’t know what I was worried about. Korey looked up and his face was burning, “Please give me one last chance Ty,” he sobbed, “Please.”

            “Nah, I would but I’m too lazy,” I said, heartlessly.

            His face filled with anger and he got even redder. His tears stopped flowing down his cheeks and his eyebrows scrunched together. His hands were balled in a tight fist that made them white. My legs grew weak and I couldn’t think of what was about to happen. I could feel myself trembling at his angry presence and I felt the urge to run inside and hug Troye. Korey turned around and didn’t move.

            I started to get concerned, “Korey?”

            He still didn’t move for a few seconds, until he turned around and threw his fist at my face. I fell at the unexpected punch and yelled, “What the fuck Korey!”

            I heard him breathing heavily as he stood there. I looked up and the crying Korey Kuhl was back. I managed to lift myself up again, but as I was about to stand, he kicked my stomach, causing me to fall again. I stayed there, not wanting him to hurt me anymore, “Go the fuck away,” I said, breathing heavily.

            I saw his feet walk turn and walk towards his car as he said, “Bitch.”

            He started his car and drove away, leaving me alone on the cold ground of the front porch. I felt a tear roll down my cheek and I wiped in away with my arm. I painfully struggled to get up and once I managed to get my balance, I sighed and opened the door. As I went inside, my mind instantly reminded me that I was in the middle of a dinner. When I looked up, the first person to look at me was Troye. He looked worried, but as he realized the bruise that has formed on my jaw, he stood up, causing the rest of the people to look at him, then to me.


I ignored him and glanced at my mom, whose face was filled with terror. I couldn’t move as I watched her start crying. I walked towards her and embraced her, which made her cry even more.

            “I’m okay mom,” I said, rubbing her back in soothing circles.

            I felt her nod and we pulled away from the embrace. I felt everyone in the room staring at me as I excused myself to go upstairs. I dropped myself on the bed. I felt blank. I didn’t move and I stared at the ceiling, ignoring the excruciating pain that was on my jaw. I started to think about Troye and how bad his first day must have been for him. I felt guilt rush through my veins for not letting him have an amazing first day in here. I wanted the first day to be fun and just us getting to know each other without anybody getting hurt or with no drama. I didn’t want to get him into the position where he had to worry about me. It was selfish of me to let myself let him see all of this. He probably thinks I’m a mess now. I heard plates clinging from downstairs and moments later; I heard a knock on my door. As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t move. I heard a sigh followed by a creak that was caused by my bed as that person sat on it. Before I could tilt my head to see who it was, I gasped at the feeling of something cold resting on my jaw. I tilted my head only to see that Troye was there. He was smiling, but I could see the worry in his eyes. I held to ice pack and placed it on my jaw.

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