Here I am in the ice-cream shops at the coffee table waiting for my ice-creams after long hours of training from 6 am till 1:00pm. Counting days until I debut. I just can't wait for that moment to be standing on the stage. I'm going crazy. Seriously. I've been dreaming for that day. Not me being crazy, but going to perform in stage singing my song.

Anyway I shouldn't get too exaggerate over this . Who knows what could happen right?

After two months being here, I'd experience many new things in Korea. New culture, new friends, new school, new dorm, new roommate and a new boyfriend. It's great being here. But, I wish my family is here with me. I miss them.

"Hello! Earth to Mia!" Someone waved their hands across my face. The daydreaming was interrupted by Jue. My roommate.

"What?!" I looked furiously at her."What now?" She gave me my ice-cream. It's chocolate flavoured with choc-chips. My faves.

"Your mmm..hmmm texted you." She made a coughing sound and looked at my phone. Its Mark. She smirked at me when she saw me smiling while I was looking at the phone screen. I hide my face with the phone with the ice-cream and read the message he sent.


"Where are you? I need to see you."

I replied back to him that I'm having ice-cream with Jue near the studio. And he doesn't need to come cuz it's crowded and they might notice him.

"Jue,I've gotta go. Umm...I have to..." She interrupts me.

"You go. I know. I'll see you at dorm. Just be careful. Don't get caught,'kay?" she knows me well. She was the first person who knows about me and Mark.

I left straight away. I went to our favourite place. The rooftop,at our dorm.

There he is standing with his hands in the pocket looking at the view. The wind blowing his hair from his face. He is wearing all blacks. From top to bottom. He got this perfect jawline to die for. Just perfect.

"Hey there." He turns when he heard my footstep. He walk towards me and give a kiss.

Mark holds my hand and walk towards the edge. "Ahh.. I'm so happy, standing here at this perfect place, in this perfect Spring weather with my favourite person." he let go of my hand and put his arm on my shoulder pulling me closer to him.

"Me too. I'm very happy. But I'm so tired." I turned to him wrapping my hands around his waist and resting my head on his chest. His cologne are strong but nice.

"Aww, my baby is tired." He pat my shoulder. "Did you eat yet?"

"I ate some salads during break already." I have to reduce my diet and eat more healthier foods to look after my appearance for my debut coming up soon.

"Only salads? That's a no no. Luckily, you've the best boyfriend. He prepared something for you." I look at him looking confuse."Let's go." He took me downstairs. To his dorm.

There are no one."Where are the others? and what are you doing?" He was searching the kitchen and opening every single drawers, cupboards available there.

"Firstly, they are at the JYPE. Secondly, I'm gonna cook for you."He take out different ingredients and start preparing.

"Do you need help with anything?" I feel uncomfortable sitting on the couch and doing nothing.

"No, I'm okay. You just relax. Don't come here." he said slowly chopping the onions. I follow as he said and sit comfortably on the couch.

"Mia,wake up." I slowly open my eyes and saw Jr in front of me. I probably slept through after waiting for Mark to finish his cooking and the boys already came.

I look at the watch and it's 4:30 pm. I must be really tired.

I sat up and the boys were around me. Including Mark. But we're not at the living room. But in Mark and Jackson's room. And I'm on Mark's bed.They are chuckling at me when I saw where I am.

"How did I get here?" I can't even remember what happen.

"Your boyfriend here carry you to his room when we came home. He's pretty much throw everything on his bed to mine." Jackson points at the mess on his bed.

The boys knows about us already since Valentine's Day. They are pretty cool with it. They still treat me the same.

"Thanks Mark.I'm sorry for sleeping. I didn't mean to sleep."

"Hey, don't say that. You were tired it's okay." He sat next to me and fix my hair.

"Mmm..hmmm..." Bambam made the same noise as Jue before back at the ice-cream store. I forgot they were still here."Can we eat now? We are so hungry."

"Yeah let's go." We went to the living room together. Wow what a big meal. There are spaghetti, sausages and fried rice all set up on the table. Did he really do all of this?

"Did you cook all of this?" I ask Mark.

"Yes he did. Look at the kitchen. The mess he did." Jr shake his head worrying about the messiness just like a mother would be.

We started eating. They all taste good.I wonder how he got the skills. Hmmm.

The plates are all empty. It was that good. Or it could be that we're too hungry.

After cleaning with complaints from Jr about the mess, the boys go back to the studio with me going back to the dorm.

"Thanks for today Mark. It was nice. I really like the food. It was really good. I didn't know my boyfriend is an expert at cooking." I sort of complimented him. He take me back to my dorm before going to the studio with the boys."Alright. You should go. They're waiting for you." Mark just nods agreeing with me.

"Ok then. Rest well. Bye. See you later.Love you, Mia."He give me a quick kiss before leaving. I watch him as he leaves. How will I able to cope if he's not here with me. *sigh.

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