Nagisa’s PoV

“We are PHL48’s RappapaV2. Nice to meet you.”

Souka! So they are PHL48. It’s my first time to see them. They look COOL.

Karen: PHL48? You…you joined PHL48? Huh, Mikato?

Nagisa: Ahh!  Now I know your name. So you are an idol?

Mikato: Ehh.

“No he’s not,” The girl named Tachan said. “…YET. He’s an upcoming idol. And their generation will be your rival.” She suddenly looked at me. “It’s nice to finally met you, Nagisa Motomiya-san. Or should I say… Maeda Atsuko the 14th.” She smiled and added said something more which made me surprise. “If the new Team R generation is AKB00’s 80th generation’s rival, then I am your rival. I’m Maeda…Maeda Atsura or Tachan the 3rd for short.”

“Please tell the present and the previous Takamina that, ‘We will meet someday, and I will make sure that I will surpass her.’ From Takae the 4th.”

“Ciaosu! Yuna the 3rd will bid her farewells! See you soon!”


Tsubasa: So you finally met PHL.

We already returned to the dorm. Thanks to PHL’s help. We are currently having a meeting about earlier’s incident.

Tsubasa: And you…

She pointed the understudies. I feel pity for them they will taste Tsubasa’s wrath.

Tsubasa: Why didn’t you inform me that you will be going out? Did you know how dangerous is that? It’s good that Acchan was able to track your attackers and luckily, PHL was also there. BUT! What if they are not there to help you?! What will you do!? Next time you do that, make sure that you will ask my permission. We can let 00 to be in trouble now. Anti-00 have made their move to attack us.

Nagisa: Uhmm, excuse me. I have a question?

Tsubasa:What is it?

Nagisa: The girl named Tachan said that their new Team R is our 80th generation’s rival. And then she said her full name and announced that she is my rival. What does she mean by that?

Tsubasa: S-she said that?

Nagisa: Yes.

Tsubasa-san was quiet for a while then she dismissed us. Even if she wasn’t saying anything, I know that we will be having a big problem…


Chieri and I went back to our room and talked about things.

Chieri: So, Nagisa, this Mikato guy, does he look good?

I gave her a questioning look. It’s because I don’t understand what she’s trying to say.

Chieri: I mean, Team R is not only known for their good dancers, singers, choreography, but also for having good looking members. So, tell me, this Mikato guy, does he look good?

Nagisa: Chieri! You know that we can’t fall in love in boys.

Chieri: I know, but you are allowed to have a crush and say that a guy is good looking, Acchan.

Nagisa: Now you’re calling me, Acchan.

I stared Chieri for a few seconds and said…

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