Chapter 69: Johanna

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I've been hanging out with Gale a lot more lately. I know he liked and might still like Katniss, but to be honest I liked and might still like Finnick.

We both know that, and it's okay. We've both concluded that we can't get our first choices because they're all married. We joke around about that a lot. Gale and I have a lot of courses together too, so we see each other very often. Right now we're just friends, but I'm pretty sure we both want this to be more. I don't want to make the suggestion because then I'll seem desperate. He's mostly still in shock about how Peeta hated Katniss but still got her.

"You know he's not that bad" I say quietly, as we sit in the back of our biology class. He laughs lightly, but I can tell he's annoyed. "You just need to be nicer" I say mockingly. He rolls his eyes and class is dismissed.

"Next class, natural sciences" I say sarcastically. District 13 gives classes names that sound fancy but they're pretty much all about conserving and sharing. It gets very repetitive and annoying, hearing the same thing all day then barely eating because we have to.

"We could skip, since Katniss has the power to change the rules" I say, slightly bitterly. He laughs and we walk to my room, I also got moved. I don't have to room with little kids and teachers anymore.  I got moved to the 'rehab' ward because they still think I'm mentally insane, which I never was.

"We could sneak out" Gale says sitting on my bed and I got to wash up, which means just a barely damp cloth with soap. This place always smells and I feel the need to wash up all of the time. 

"I'm down, but no water" I say shivering slightly. The Capitol and those evil guards made me fear and hate water. They would soak me and electrocute me, on good day I would be raped or tortured. I hate them now, and I vowed on my mother's grave I would get my sweet revenge.

Gale and I follow a class of trainees, going outside to run and slip away unseen. We stroll into the main part of the old down, now just some rubble and occasionally a half destroyed building. I smell the fresh and it smells like a forest, since we're surrounded by forested areas.

"What do you want to do?" Gale asks boredly. We sit on a fallen pillar and enjoy ourselves in silence. I feel Gale's hand slide into mine and he looks at me carefully. I smile weakly and sit up, still gripping his hand. We walk further into the woods and the birds fall silent, not creepy just quiet.

"I love trees" I say in awe, the trees out here are so perfect and strong. Being raised in 7 I know trees well and I love them. Gale laughs lightly and we continue our trek into the jungle of beautiful woods. The farther we go, the more I smell water. I try to control myself but fear rushes over me.

"Are you okay?" Gale asks carefully. I nod but I can feel the tears welling up in my eyes. I look away, I can't be this weak. I may have won my Games by convincing people I'm weak but I am no where near weak. 

"I just need some time, alone" I say almost crying. He nods doubtfully and I walk off slowly. I sit on a fallen tree and feel the dry bark. For some reason, probably my District 7 blood, stroking bark calms me down.

 "Why me? I couldn't just have a normal life? Why the Hunger Games? Why not the 'find out your family tree' Games? That would be helpful" I say into the air, who cares  I have no clue who my mom or my dad are, I was fostered and tossed from house to house, because no-one wanted me. District 7 didn't really have a foster system so I was basically sold from family to family, some were abusive most just ignored me. You get a little bit of extra food if you take in a foster kid, so most people would take a kid in for about a month and then pass them along once they got their food and oil.

"You could have a normal life" Gale says from behind me. I jump slightly and turn to face him. I wipe my tears and laugh. "If we can get rid of the Capitol and all of its followers, we can have normal lives" he says with a hint of hope. I nod.

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