Ella-Rose {P.O.V}
"Em, how about no" I say 

"Yes you will, I saw you, I want you, and I will get you" he replied

"Can't always get what you want "

"Ohh but I do, and I will baby girl" he smirked.

Properly because i'm blushing

"so whats you're name" he asked 

"Ella-Rose but call me El" I replied

"That's a beautiful name, for a beautiful girl El"  

"Thank you" i blushed. Why is he making me blush. I've only met him, hes flirting with me. He's only met me.

"Can u just show me around here please" I say nervously

Wtf.. Why am I nervous, maybe because there's an extremely hot guy infront of you!
"Ohhh so you think I'm hot, huh?" He smirked
OMG I just sayed that out loud!

"Well yeah you are"

omg where is this confidence coming from, I couldn't even ask him to show me about with out sounding so.. I don't know... Me?
And now I'm saying he's hot! Wow...

"Well, thank you, your beautiful if I say so" sammy sayed

"Thanks" I mumbled

"Well it looks like your in most of my classes, so I don't need to show u around because I'm sure your in some classes with one of my friends, but you can meet my friends first, because we have about a few minutes till our first class" he explained

"YO, JJ, GILINSKY" he yelled
He grabbed my hand and pulled me other to where the boys are standing along with 2 girls!

"Sammy" they both responded

"Who's this girl?" The blondie boy asked.

"I'm El"

"Well it's nice to meet you El, is that your name shorterned or..?" the other boy sayed

"yeah, my name is Ella-Rose but i prefer El."

"I'm Jack Gilinsky, and this is Jack Johnson but you can call us by our second names, so we don't get confused and neither will you." He sayed.
They both seem really nice.
"Okay." I smiled at them.

Sammy, Johnson, and Gilinsky started talking so I was left with these girls, who I don't know!
"Heyy I'm Ashely and that's Skylar"

Thank god I didn't have to talk first!

"Hey, I'm El"

"Yeah we know, so where are you from" skylar asked,

"California" I responded

"OMG! That's cool, why did you move here?"

"My Mum used to live here, and she wanted to love back, and also my dad got a job over here so"

"Well you will love it here."
*Ding* *Ding*{i dont know what a bell goes like}

"Well were going to class" sammy sayed grabbing my hand, and walking us to our first class, which was english.

English, has to be one of my favourite classes, and the only one I do good in.
When I got in sammy said I can sit with him, I want to know why he is being so nice to me.

*skip to lunch*

When I walked into lunch with Ashely, yeah me and her have some classes, and she is really funny, Ashley is dating Johnson. She also sayed that them 3 are they are bad boys in the school, but there not like the usual ones who are the players, they actually stay with the one girl, but they do drugs and all that, but shannon sayed if you don't want to do the drugs with them, they won't pressure you, but fuck it I've always wanted to do it, and hopefully I will.

{Authors note}
Okay I updated and it's rubbish, but I'll keep trying to make it better!
But anyway who wants to smoke with them? I do!
Anyway I'll update tonight or tomorrow!:)
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