~Alyssa's POV ~

As soon as I stepped out of the shower, she sat me down at her vanity table with a hairdryer in one hand and a mascara wand in the other. According to her I had absolutely no say in how I looked for tonight.

"You...are...finished." She said adding the last little touches to my makeup. "Turn around, see what you think." She said standing back proudly, looking over her work.

As soon as I turned around, I was in awe. Henley had truely outdone herself this time. She had chosen out a strapless black dress with a skater skirt ending mid-thigh and a small metal black belt going across the waist. It was beautiful, but simple. I love simple so I love this dress, the shoes however, were not simple whatsoever. They were a gorgeous pair of bright red peep-toe Christian Louboutin pumps with a strap going across the ankle. My nails were painted bright red to match the shoes, and my makeup was done to perfection. She had created an amazing smokey eye matched with a nude lip. If that weren't enough, she had created soft natural-looking curls in my hair.

"Well?" She asked breaking my amazement. "What do you think?"

"Hen, I love this." I said honestly. "You realize we're only going drinking though right?"

"Yeah." She said as she unplugged her curling iron. "But I figured this is your first official date as a couple who doesn't have to hide their relationship. Might as well doll you up for this."

She had a point. This is the first time we don't have to be careful of getting caught by Artie. We're allowed to be a couple in public.

"Alright you ready?" She said walking over to the door.

I nodded. I don't know why I was so nervous.

"Well than," She paused to open the door "after you madam" She said in an overdramatic British accent.

I laughed.

"Why thank you darling." I said just as dramatically making it sound like I was saying 'daaahling'.

We were both laughing on our way down to the main room of the loft.

As soon as I stepped into the main room I stopped laughing and the butterflies in my stomach started back up.

Jack was standing there looking out the window.

He literally looked like a Calvin Klein model.

He was wearing a black suit with a black tie and a pair of black TOMS. I love that he didn't wear those fancy shoes. Those annoy me anyway, but he probably knew that.

I didn't realize I was staring until Henley cleared her throat getting Jack's attention.

He looked up right away.

"He-whoa." He looked me up and down(not in a perverted way) making me look down and blush like crazy.

"Hey" He said getting himself together.

"Ok, so I'm gonna leave you two." Henley said making her appearance known. "Have fun. Don't be stupid. No bad decisions. See you tomorrow."

As soon as she left, he walked over to me and gently cupped the sides of my face with his hands.

"I didn't want to do this while she was still here otherwise she would have my head for ruining her work." He said softly.

I looked up at him confused. What was he-

His lips gently pressed against mine.

-ooooh got it. If he did this in front of her she would get mad because there goes my lip gloss.

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