Goodbye Blue

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A/N: Hey guys! ^u^ this is my first published fanfic so I'd love to hear what you think and if you have any ideas through out that you would like to see happen I'll do my best!
I do not own Black Butler... Unless I have suffered severe head trauma and lost my memory... CEIL!!
Ciel: What?!
Me: Do I--
Ciel: No. You do not.
Me: Awh... Are you sure? Maybe we suffered memory loss... TOGETHER? 😍😍 *fangirl moment*
Ceil: ... I'm sure...
Me: Well... *sniffle* There you have it I guess.
Ceil: Well that was a sudden mood change...
Me: Ceil... Please just... Shh.
Ceil: ...
Me: thank you~!

"C- c- Ciel?" I stutter as I nervously play with a bow on the front of my (f/c) dress. I wasn't really sure what to say, it was his birthday party for Pete's sake! His birthday wasn't for a few days but Ciel's parents decided to have it today so I could see him one last time. "What's wrong, (y/n)?" Ciel asked a concerned look covering his features as he joined me out on the balcony. "I... have to leave." I say suddenly finding the floor fascinating.
"Oh," he chuckled "Is that it? Your coming over tomorrow, right?" I looked back up again tears threatening to spill and that caused Ciel to frown, suddenly confused. "No, I'm not. I'm not coming ever." I murmured before embracing him, I didn't want to see his face. I could tell that he was upset because he didn't hug me back. "Your Highness? Your carriage is here, when will you be expecting to leave?"
"Now," I say before clutching Ciel tighter as he finally hugged me back "Goodbye, Blue." I whisper in his ear before pulling away from him and joining Ash.

I woke up with my shoulders being shaken and Ash calling out my name, it looked like he had been calling for a while. "Bad dream, your Highness?" He asked while placing a plate of scones on the bed beside me and began pouring tea. "No not anymore." It used to be a bad dream but that was 2 years ago and time has a tendency to heal even the worst wounds. Ash had offered many times to take my memories away but I wanted to keep my memories of Ceil. The thought of Ceil as a demon sickened you but that was what made the memory of him more precious. "When you are dressed the Queen has requested your presence." Ash informed handing me the cup of tea as I bit into one of the scones. "Why?" I asked furrowing my eyebrows causing Ash to shrug "I'm not sure. I'll send in a maid to help you get ready." I thanked Ash on his way out as I ate my breakfast.

~An hour later~
"Good morning, mother!" I smile, as I stepped into her study if only she knew how fake my smile was. "Ah, good morning, (y/n). Please take a seat," she says before I sit down in front of her. "I'm sure you know all about the so called 'ghost' of London?" She asks sliding a newspaper article over the desk. I glance down at it momentarily before nodding. "Good," she smiles handing me a letter addressed to both the Queen's guard dog and the Queen's spider. "What has began with scares all over the city has turned into murders, and both Ciel and Alois seem no closer to finding anything. With your permission I would like to send them this letter." She informs as I let my eyes scan over the letter. It was a letter to tell Alois and Ciel that the Queen was involving her faithful Nightingale. A smirk plants it's self on my face before I stand up placing the letter on the desk. "Yes, please do." I smirk before leaving the room. Well... this should be interesting.

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