Deadman Wonderland Fanfic (Too much pain)

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Shiro's Point of View

I sat on Ganta's boring bed as I hear my stomach rumble,l I reply to it "One more snack can't hurt..right..?" That minute Mockingbird walks in front of me, he ran, which made my egg-silver hair sway slightly, my ruby eyes lit up as soon as I saw a tray of chocolate.

"Where is Ganta-Kun?" I moan, expecting him to know. "Don't know." he replied and smiled. I stuff some chocolate in my mouth and shout "GANTA, YOU JERK!" I puff my cheeks out.

At that moment, Ganta walked in.


I walked into my room, I was tired and hungry.

Before me was Shiro and Toto, Shiro looked mad and Toto looked surprised.

I chuckle and hand Shiro a napkin for the chocolate stains around her mouth.

"You're such a messy eater.." I sigh.

She looked mad, but scraped the stains away.

"Ganta, you jerk..!"

She replies out of no where, I lay on my bed, ignoring her and I sigh.

I realized Toto was gone.

"Lets eat together tomorrow." I sigh, I knew she would like to.

She got a happy expression. "Okay!" She skipped out.

First chapter done! I might continue this /Unlike others!/.


Deadman Wonderland doesn't belong to me. None of the characters do. I just writ this fanfiction, I take no credit what-so-ever ~©®~

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