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Author's Note:

Check the date I'm posting this.

I'm pretty positive it's April 1st 😌

None of the canon story matters here, this is what the characters are like after the events of the story.

Annabeth's POV

April 1, 2021 - Afternoon

I'm finally home for Easter break, even though it's on the weeked. Only thing I did so far is throw my bag in it's corner and watch TV. My mom and brother are working, so I'm home alone right now.

Like every teen who plays video games, I have Nutella, a spoon, a cup and 2L coca cola right on my desk. I made plans with Brittany, Ajax and Bennett to play UNO on PC right about now.

Just then I see the skype voice call. I click accept, and the first thing I hear is Bennett and Ajax yelling at each other about who will win.

"Oh god, they're already planning to beat one another." Brittany says, sighing in the process. "I bet Annabeth is going to win."

"I'm not, I suck at card games Britt." I say, shaking my head even though I know she can't see me do it. "If I played this as good as I play games like Prop Hunt then all of you would rage quit."

A few minutes later...

I feel like god has gifted me the leading position now. A +4 card and a red 5. Bennett and Britt are pretty unlucky as both have about five cards, while Ajax only has three.

"This sucks, if I have to draw I swear to god." Bennett says. I'm kind of glad we're playing this on PC, if we were in person, Ajax and Bennett would've beaten each other to death. "I'm going with this."

I seriously hope they keep it red, I would hate to waste the +4 card. Since by the rules, you can play the card if you have nothing else to play.

"Bennett, I have a 7, do you know what that means?" Brittany asks him, doing her evil giggle. I can vividly imagine Bennett's face.

"Don't you fucking dare!" He yells into the mic, Ajax and I start laughing as Britt drops the card and swaps their hands. Britt then loudly gasps, and Bennett chuckles. "Thanks Britt."

"This is- dude, this is cancer!" Britt starts complaining loudly. "This hand is cancer my dude!"

"What did he have?" Ajax asks her, and I start laughing uncontrollably.

"He has a red 0 and a blue 7." By this point my sides start to hurt from all the laughing. For all of the game, these three have been messing up, while I was doing big brain plays.

"Britt, just don't drop the 0 yet." Ajax says has he starts drawing cards, finally ending up with a +4 card. He changes the color to green, and I press the W key to jump in with my +4 card. I quickly press the UNO symbol so I don't get punished, then I change the color back to red.

"NO!" Bennett yells as he probably rolls back in his chair, as he will now have to draw eight cards because of the stack. "Ajax, you're a washed up smart piece of shit, I give you credit."

"I was trying to be an ass to Anne for once but she used the classic." Ajax says. Brittany decides to draw cards and drops a red turn skip card. "Good news Anne, you're about to win."

I let out a cackle.

Bennett and Ajax go 'WHAAAAAAA' when Ajax gets skipped and it's my turn. I click on the red 5, completely shutting down everyone else.

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