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I woke up naked wrapped in rays arms I smiled and thought about last night it was so fun he took such good care of me and my body he took my virginity and I took his I could tell because he didnt know how to do anything I didnt either so we were laughing at each other and making jokes we were in a hotel room because his mom and dad were there so he wanted to get away I got up and looked at him his braids were so messed up and my hair was to I looked in my bag and pulled out a black shirt with some pink pants and some black riding boots I took a shower and got out ray was up making up the bed

me: you know its people for that right

ray: but when you've been tought to make your bed up when you get out of it it just makes ya

I smiled and he walked up to me and said

ray: last night was amazing and funny

me: it was

he kissed me and went in the bathroom I put on my clothes and brushed my hair and I called room service

room service: room service

me: umm I want two breakfast plates

they hung up damn rude ray walked in here with some sweats and a shirt with some slides

me: I orderd room service

ray: okay thats cool

he sat down infront of me and handed me a brush I made sure the part was straight and I rebrushed his hair and braided it

me: finished

he grabbed me and pulled me on him

me: if you mess it up again your doing it

he got up and somebody knocked on the door they said room service I opened it and me and ray ate after we finished we left going back to mayas house I have to tell her the news I smiled and we finished eating and left we pulled up at mayas house and saw them running in where have they been we got out and walked in maya was sitting on the couch in a dress and some heels and chres's suit was all messed up

me: what happened to yall

she looked at me and I knew they had sex


chres: made love get it right

me: okay my bad

maya: I know yall did to

me: yeap maya come on we got to talk about it

maya: okay

I dragged her up the stairs

me: so was he good

maya: amazing was ray

me: amazing and funny

maya: how was it funny

me: because we were both virgins and didnt know what we were doing please tell me chresanto was one to

maya: thats what he said

me: was he experienced

maya: I dont know he kinda took control last night he took care of me

me: awww but I know he loves you because I said fucked and he said made love

maya: yeah so what you and ray did fuck, have sex, or make love

me: made love

maya: awww but come on

we walked to the steps and could hear laughing we stopped and listened

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