before her words

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❝The clock always ticks. There are times you don't hear it, and there are times that you do.❞

― David Levithan, Every Day

For years I've written under pennames and fan fiction handles because I couldn't endure the criticism that literary writing guarantees. I promised myself, one day I'll write and have enough courage to put my name on it.

I did, today.

You, dear reader, are part of my history now. If I ever get published on paperback, which I ultimately aspire to of course, I'll be thanking you for taking some of your precious time and investing it in me.

For now, thanks to perfected. We may be from different generations but we have the heart of one. This book and every one after this will be for you. I love you.


Just a few important things.


Thanks guys! We just got #187 under Teen Fiction. I know I'm being such a dork about this but I'm really excited. I hope you keep reading, voting and commenting.


The story is narrated in the first POV but neither by the 2 protagonists. She, the narrator, is recounting the story to the readers from her point of view even if she isn't a character in it. She only has a good grasp of both their thoughts and emotions. WHY? Well, you'll find out when you read it, won't you? *wink*


Some of the grammar mistakes and made up words are intentional. I know I'll get a lot of crap from friends who worked for me when I was editor or from subscribers on my blog where I do grammar nazi segments, but I do this to stay true to characters and their emotions in that moment. Trust me, when you're cursing at someone, you won't give a fuck about dangling modifiers.


I'll take on some sensitive topics like abuse, depression, bullying, sex and suicidal tendencies. Most of them will be subtle but if that makes you in any way uncomfortable, sorry. I'm sure there are other stories that will fit your taste. Also, there's cursing in the story, as you may have already noticed from this note. Again, if that's not your drift, you don't have to force yourself.

My vocabulary limits how else I can thank you; I hope the coming pages will do.


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