Wanda and nat part 2

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Every friday night all the avengers go into the towers movie room and take turns picking out movies. This week it was tony and rhodeys turn to pick the movie.

Tony knew about your crush on nat and wanda so of course he turned on 50 shades of grey. You were late getting in there and there was a seat saved between wanda and nat. Oh god... you can already feel yourself getting nervous.

About twenty minutes into the movie the first explicit scene comes on and your grabbing onto the seat because oh how you would love to do this to nat and wanda... how they could be your little bitches just for one night.

"Earth to Y/N??" Wanda calls "what? Huh? Oh sorry haha im just tired." You say. God what an idiotic thing to say. She smirks "you know i can read minds right?" You feel your face start to get hot as if my blood is boiling from embarrassment.

Wanda taps nat and signals for her to follw you guys. She whispers me to "How about we take this to my room?" She winks. You already knew she had the biggest bed in the tower and it would obviously be perfect for what you all were about to do. Assuming nat agrees and you dont fuck up the  friendship.

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