Chapter 1: Start Of A New Year



Liked or admired by many people

That's me Clara Hill. I make popular happen, I would says it's a pleasure but its not, I basicly only admire 5 people.

1 and 2. My mum and dad, of course. My dad owns a huge company that makes millions a year and my mum is his personal assitant. I don't care what he does or when. As long as some of the money finds it's way to my purse, so I don't need to know what goes around his son of a company.

3. One of my girls, Tessa Brooke. She is the bae, she's like me but somehow sperated from birth. We can basicly read each other's mind like we are telepathic.

4. My other girl of course is Marie Carter. We've known each other since kindergarten and our friendship has never fell apart. We basicly do everything together, life or death. We save each others lives, such as if I forgot my Mac lipstick. Marie has got me covered.

5. But lastly the most important one is my excelling boyfriend Jack Robert. We have been together for 9 months now but it seems its like we have been together forever. People say we're the perfect couple. But everyone knows that of course.

So I'm sorry to say, its not a pleasure to meet you becasue those 5 people are the only people that make me, well Clara hill. I would probably put you on the ignore list. Like the burn book in mean girls, but I hate burning things.

But you wont make it to the top of the list, ever in your entire life time. The person on the top is my gruesome sister Kate Hill. Shes finsihed highschool but is too lazy to aply for college and get an actual life. Kate stays at home and watches TV in the morning but sometimes goes out with friends clubbing or something. But who am I to care, she can drive a car of the cliff if she wants too. Shes just that annoying. 

School is starting soon, argh! Its my last year, scary for most people. Me? No. I have my whole life planned out, bit by bit


-Buy a dog

-Become a super fabulous model

-Marry Jack Robert

-Have kids

-Die beautiful

See didn't I tell you, life all planned out! Its going to go just the way I planned and no exceptions. Its a piece of red velvet cake with pink sprinkles. However, we went of topic.
I have a lot of expections as you might notice and school is one of them. I expect the students to respect my bubble and make no eye contact. Otherwise, world war 3 begins...

And if something doesn't go my way, my daddy will be the first to hear and trust me, hell comes down. I think people are possibly afraid of me, but again why do I freakin care?! OK most of you are probably thinking in that pink brain of yours, she is a complete diva! Or she is so naive. But trust me, I'm not. As you have read the things that I have proclaimed I do sound like a daddy girl or a person who gets everything they lay their eyes on. Well the last one was true, but ignore that.

But its a start of new year, who knows what will come to my amazing self. But I don't like the unknown. I want to know the unexpected and know the unknown. So I think I should hire a fortune teller and see my beloved future. I will just ask father, I'm sure he will understand. But the story has a begining now and the story is going to be more interesting and fabulous. You get to see my life in perfect action and I have a popular feeling it will be a good one.

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