Part 3

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somehow he knew my name.


I walk to the cottage and wonder if I knew him. I defiantly didn't, but he seemed familiar. But it was strange, he looked very bear-like.  

"Angie, sweetie could you go help your sister get on her grown please?" mother interrupted my thoughts. I had gotten to the house faster than I expected. I was allready at the garden where mom is weeding. "And then she shall help with yours." 

"Why are we putting on gowns?" I asked as innocently as I could, but we both knew that I knew why. Today was the courting ceremony. Me and my 15 year old sister, Lousieta were to be courted and a husband was to be chosen for us. Stepdad says that we will marry the richest boys we can so that we can pay off our debts. 

"Honey you know why. The courting ceremony is today in a few hours. Now go before I get mad." she said a little more firmly and waved her hands at me. I started trudging to the door. 

"And a fine hubby will be chosen for you." I mocked stepdad under my breath as I opened the door. Unfortunately for me he was waiting for me. Wearing that stupid fancy coat with a tail that touched the floor. His nose was pointed up in the air and it gave his face a very tight streached out look. Like me his skin was extremely white. He was mad.  

"And just where were you for the last hour?" he asked me in his annoying nasally voice. 

"Im sorry sir." I said and bent my head to the floor. Suddenly what the boy in the forest had said to me came rushing back. 'There are no anwsers on the ground' I looked stepdad straight in the eye. I realized that this was the first time in 5 years that I had ever looked him in the eye. All of a sudden he wasn't as strong or scary as he seemed. He seemed to notice that too. 

"Go get dressed." he said and steped aside. Usually he would ask for an explanation but not today. 'thank you.... kid' I thought to myself. But I don't know his name... I must go back tonight for his name. I will find him if he's still there.

Lousieta was sitting on her bed waiting for me. 

"there you are." she said and smiled nervously. She has been talking about today for months. "Ive met this one really nice guy about a week ago, his name was something like Timothy and..." she started blabbering but I wasn't listening. I can stop thinking about this morning. And that boy. The thing about living in Trestle Vonka is that nobody goes into the woods. It's all about the city life. Truthfully if I could move to a different village that was more outdoorsie then I would. "Youre not even listing are you?" she asked me. I looked into her dark brown eyes, just like moms. She had all of moms genes. Straight black hair and light skin. I was like dad. Ice blue eyes with curly golden blonde hair. 

"Truthfully no, I'm not." I told her. She shook her head at me and took off her day gown. She slipped her corset on over her under garments and turned around for me to tie it. 

"Do you have any idea of who you'll marry?" she asked me then stifled a groan as I pulled the corset as tight as it would go. "A little tighter please." she said. She was obsessed with how she looks. I unlaced it and leaned back with all my weight. She gripped the bar on the bed and I finished lacing it. 

"No" I replyed a minute later. She pulled her royal blue gown over her head and ran to the mirror. 

"Ok your turn now." she smiled at me and handed me my corset. "Dont worry I won't tie it too tight" she said but I knew it was a lie.  

I slipped my yellow gown over my head. "Ready to go?" I ask her.  

"Angie, is there something wrong?" Lousieta asks me "You seem awfully quiet today. You are usually the big talker, you know? You can tell me anything." she smiles at me.  

"Nah I'm fine." there is no way that I'm going to tell her about this morning. If I did, everyone in the village would know too. "Just a little nervous for today." not completely a lie. 

"Well then let's go." she said and started for the door where mom and stepdad wait. We walk outside to where the wagon is set up and the horses reined. We load in, me sitting next to mom, across from stepdad and Lousieta.

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