Chapter 1: The Academy

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It was a sweet spring day for Ren Suzo, the flowers were slowly blooming, and small gentle winds breezed throughout the city which gave small caresses to his peach baby soft skin. The sky was light blue, with clouds scattered, and birds chirping up a melodious tune.

He grinned as he walked down the stone steps of his home, and gave his gatekeeper a small hello when he left the grounds of his home. His home itself was not as grand as others, but it would put some to shame with its castle like appearance and a garden that surrounded the manor. The garden had won numerous prizes for Lady Suzo, a woman who held a high pride in materialistic awards.

Lord Suzo acted in an entirely different manner, always keeping to himself unless instructed do otherwise by his wife. Though they held the title of Lord and Lady, the Suzo's were a simple middle class family in Jaella, and relied on old money from their predecessors to continue their luxurious lifestyle.

As Ren entered the city, he looked over himself, making sure his white uniform was clean and proper and that his bag still held his keycard and belongings. He took out a small comb and did swift brushes into his white golden hair, trying to get any last minute knots out. Today was the day that every 13 year old Imperial child dreamed of, the first day they would enter The Academy of Mages.

In order to ensure a steady flow of mages to protect the nation, the Imperial set up the Academy of Mages which was located right in the heart of the Imperial's capital, Jaella. As soon as a child native to the Imperial turned 13, they would attend the first year of the Academy. Although most citizens of the Imperial did not inherit the use of magic, through proper studying and exercising, one could learn how.

Therefore if a child is already able to use magic, the Academy is separated by ranks so that he or she may simply skip ahead. The ranks of the Academy are, from lowest to highest, D, C, B, A, and Cien. D is automatically given to children who have no magic ability, and transitioning from one level to another is extremely difficult.

Ren passed through the busy streets of Jaella in a quick manner, and kept walking alongside one of Jaella's mighty rivers to reach the center of the city. As he kept his pace, he began to wonder what sorts of other kids he will meet and what rank he will gain. His older brother, Wyan, was able to use magic ever since he was a toddler, so it was no surprise to the Suzo family he was placed at rank B in his first year. Ren had always admired his brother's strength, silently hoping that he himself had inherited the ability to use magic.

Muffled laughter teased Ren's ear, and he looked up in curiosity as to whom made the sound. He saw a few girls up ahead of him, wearing the Academy's uniform like himself, standing under a willow tree (with others lined up against a tall stone wall) and staring at a boy who didn't seem content about their company. Ren then realized the others were right in front of the gate to the Academy of Mages.

In order to protect students and keep their training methods a secret, the Academy had installed a 10 foot tall wall and a large gate, both of which heavily laced with enchantments to keep out enemies of the Imperial. The gate only opened at certain times of the day, and as written in the handout given to all students, "that no student (no matter the rank) may ask the gatekeeper to open the gate against the schedule unless a professor or general approves of it."

It seems waking up early, for once, had paid off and now Ren would have a front row seat to the opening ceremony.

After he had walked behind the girls, Ren took the time to observe his future classmates. The girls, all three of them, wore the female white uniform and had their chocolate hair down. They almost mirrored each other and could easily pass off as triplets.

He then noticed that the girls continued to giggle and stare at the other boy. The male had navy blue hair, obviously dyed or perhaps a potion was used, which most rebellious teens prefer. Ren could easily see that the boy had a dark goldenrod skin tone, which confused him for a few seconds.

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