Babied 2

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Bakugou POV:

I woke up I was between a sleeping todo and iida deku was gone I felt coldness around my crouch?

Wait did i?

Oh god I haven't since I was 4 why now I think to myself I sit up and deku comes out of the bathroom

"Hey little one!" Deku says with a smile

"Dont call me that" I glare at him

"Why are you awake it's still early you normally sleep in on weekends" he says ignoring me

"I dont I just am" I say coldly for ignoring me

"Did someone have an accident?" He asks my face heats up

"N-no!" I stuttered

"Hmm" he hums and walks over to me and picks me up

"Hey!" I say and punch his chest it doesn't hurt him:/

He unzips the onesie and takes it off leaving me in just a pull up

"W-what are you doing" I say embarrassed he sticks to fingers in the front part I blush hard he smiles at me

"Aw why didnt you say so" he says and sets me on a blanket on the floor I see him walk away and come back with something behind his back

He pulls down the pull up I cover my face he puts a new one on

"Deku!?" I yell

"Shhh" he shushed me and put on a onesie that snaps at the crouch making the pull up noticable

"I'm not a baby!" I yell again and sit up he kisses my head

"I thought only babys wet their diapers" he says raising a brow I blush  and glare at him, I hear a noise its todo and iida waking up!

I'm not letting anyone see me like this>:(

I ran to the bathroom and locked it. A couple seconds later I hear 3 footsteps

"Puppy come out" I hear deku say

"No" I say and blush at the nickname

"Baby please" I hear todo, what's with these nichnames!?

"I'll give you to the count of 3." I hear iida say in a scary voice i gulp

"1" I shake a little

"2" I'm now crying i cant take the embarrassment and hes scary

"If you dont open the door now you are gonna get a punishment mister" he says i open the door, I look at my feet and cry silently

"Why did you do that puppy?" Deku asks

"Cause you dressed me like that" I say and cross my arms

"You look cute" todoroki says

"I look like a baby" I say iida kneels down to my level and cups my cheeks

"Oh dont cry little one" he says wiping my cheeks

"Let's get you some breakfast" kids says and picks me up we get to the kitchen and I see a high chair

He wont put me in that

Then we get closer and I realized he is I start to squirm and try to get free he sets me in it and straps me I pout

"Awww puppy you are so cuteee! Oh and my mom went to work but she left something for you, for breakfast" deku says I sigh he goes to the kitchen and brings back baby food!

"I'm not eating that!" I yell he sets it in front of me

"Shoto can you while I make us food" deku asks shoto nods then smiles at me he picks the spoon up

"Here comes the airplane" he says, seriously!?

"Huh that normally works on babys" he says

"I'm not a-" then he puts the spoon in I glare at him he just smiles and looks at me with love? I swallow it

"Good boy" he says, it's not that bad...

So I continue eating it tell its empty

"Aw good job bubs! I'm so proud of you" he says I feel a little warm inside iida and deku walk to us

"He ate is all" todoroki tells them they look at me and praise me i feel..happy

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