Chapter 11

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"Peter...Peter...Peter wake up!" Sarah screamed.

"What where are we?" Peter questioned.

"We're home,"

Home. Home isn't the right word anymore. Home is supposed to be comforting, but there is nothing comfortable about the Meyers home. This is where Peter shot his father, this is where his mother's dry blood is, but mostly this is where he failed to protect his sister. God has given him a second chance.

"Now let's talk," Sarah said. "Did you kill those two men?"

"Please Sarah I'm hurting right now don't give me nonsense," Peter responded

"Don't try to get out of this," Sarah picked up the small silver knife that was in Peter's drawer. Sarah held it to her neck. "I will kill myself."

"Okay okay I did kill them I'm sorry I was trying to protect you," Peter hesitated.

Sarah dropped to her knees. She weeped for a long time unti her eyes dried out and she couldn't shed another tear.

"What has become of our small shity lives," Sarah questioned.

"We need to find out what is happening though," Peter said. "We should probably look through mom and dad's room for anything."

Sarah helped Peter out of the bed and she helped him to their parents room. Due to loss of blood, he got dizzy. They finally reached their parents room.

"Search the walk-in closet, and I'll search the book case," Peter ordered.

Sarah vanished into the walk-in closet. Peter searched through rows of books. "If only the book case could tell me if anything here could help me," Peter spoke to no one. A fee seconds after a cool wind set over the room. The walk-in closet startled Peter when it slammed shut by itself.

"Sarah!" He shouted.

He heard nothing. He ran to the door, and pounced on it. A force pushed him back so hard he fell into the book case. All of the books fell out except for one. Only this book was not a book it was a board game. The chill left the room, and the walk-in closet door opened along with the room door. Sarah ran out of the room.

"I...I saw her," Sarah hesitated

"Saw who?" Peter questioned eagerly.


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