I've always had this great love for history. As a young girl I would read exciting story's about young girls in times long forgotten. Then as a teenager I spent hours reading books, upon books of classic historical romance, new and old. I've always wished I could experience these old times. Just for a day. To see the deserted lands, hear the unique sounds of a world without technology, and to meet these queer people I feel I know so well. I soon realized I would never get the chance to actually be there, so traveling to these places in the present time seemed my next best option. Walk the candlelit streets of England, swim just off the coast of Spain, and ride horseback in Norway. But, of all these places I wanted most to go to Scotland. It had always been my favorite to read about. The enchanting castles, delicious food, and heroic men. Highlanders. I must have read at least fifty stories about these rustic, handsome men. How gentleman like they were yet so mysterious. I had never thought men in kilts so... Interesting. Of course I figured men like this would never exist in my real life, only in my dreams. But, the year after I graduated everything altered.

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