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(Picture is Walter)

The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 10 ~ Paint

Today was the day we showed our presentation. It was only a day after Walter had texted me goodnight with a kiss on the end. Call me girly-girl, but I was still really happy about that! In Physics we would be giving our infra-red rays talk to the class, a class that Hayley did not attend. The only science she took was Biology. The only classes Walter and I took together were Maths with Mr Dane, Physics with Mrs Stone and Art with Miss Benwill. Three out of five subjects!

Hayley had been begging me to introduce her to Walter. She also obviously wanted to get to know the rest of the brothers too. Maybe except Phoenix. She didn't really like the sound of him from what I had told her.

There was only one lesson that Hayley, Walter and I had together and that was art. Hayley and I loved art, and today would be the first art lesson Walter had gone to in a long time. I'm sure his presence would make it even more fun. The last time Walter had been at school was last year May, and we weren't in the same class then. It was now November, out final year.

"Where is he?" Hayley asked for the hundredth time, leaning with her elbows on the white bench desk in front of us.

I laughed, "Why do you want to see him so much?" I asked.

Hayley looked at me, "So you can introduce me!"

"Of course I will introduce you Hayley Adams, thanks for asking." I replied flatly.

She clasped her hands together dramatically, and thrust them into my face making me rear back. "Oh please!! Will you introduce me?! .....Is that better for you?"

"Yes," I smiled sweetly.

Miss Benwill entered the class room "Good morning class." she greeted.

"Good morning Miss," the rest of us replied.

Miss Benwill was only in her early twenties and we respected her, as she respected us.

"We are still working with paint today, but we will be in different stations." Miss Benwill said.

Where was Walter?

"We are making a landscape today as a group, and so there are going to be three stations. The first one is the sky. So there will be different shades of blue. The next station will be land, there are greens, browns and floral colours, you know pink, orange, red and yellow? And lastly the mountains, which will be more browns and greys for the rocks. Any questions?" she looked around.

"Oh good morning Walter, I haven't seen you in a long time!" Miss Benwill genuinely sounded pleased to see him, it seemed she had taught him before.

Hayley and I had both looked up at the mention of Walter's name and we now stared as he stood by Miss looking around the classroom. He was wearing his usual black jeans, but this time with a black leather jacket and a white t-shirt with some sort of old-fashioned band on it. His hair was also looking good, black and messy.

"We will be working in groups of three, so take a seat," Miss Benwill told him. Any other teacher would have given him a warning for being late, but not Miss Benwill, she was just so nice.

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