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 The edited Chapter One

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The video on the left (is it left? Kind of right.) is one of my favorite bands. They are the Ezra Band they're from the Philipines. This band is really amzing! And this song "Walang Iba" (No Other in English) reminds me of Cupid and Psyche that's why I posted the video here and then Jojo's picture because I want her to be Psyche...Hope you love it too! =)

Chapter One

Our mind is like a treasure chest. It’s filled with different kinds of memories that our brain has stored. We may not know how many memories we have but for sure our brain can store more memories than we know. It’s because it has a lot more bytes in its own memory card. There are memories that made us feel so troubled and mad. Some of them made us happy and some made us cry.

But there are two important kinds of memory that are stored in our brain. These are the happiest and saddest memories that we have. These two memories even though it can be written on a journal are very important to a person’s life because they make them who they are. It defines who they are. In every pain and every joy that person is who he or she is because that person learns from it. It’s a reminder that the integration of our experiences, no matter how sad or frightening they may be, it transforms us, like the symbol of the butterfly emerging into the light from its dark cocoon.

My brain is filled with so many memories and I don’t even know if I could just tell you everything in just a day or if I could enumerate it one by one. Yet only a few memories of mine are fully treasured by my precious head. Memories that had made me become stronger and better. There are memories of mine that I wanted to forget and there are some of which I wanted to keep. If my brain is consist of many particles, veins and muscles that I may not fully know then it can also be like a CPU. A CPU has also small widgets the same as my brain that stores the files on its memory. Only that when a CPU is broken it can be fixed and can also be reformat. But what if my brain wanted to forget something? How could I delete it? Just the irony of life… when you wanted to remember something, you can’t remember it. But when you wanted to forget something you just can’t forget.

I know that was not the introduction you want to read. Because entirely it doesn’t make any sense. Does it connect to the story? No. But not really.

How do you fall out of love with somebody?

Well… I don’t know. Maybe when you die? That’s how secrets stay long and relationships cut short. But the truth is, I really don’t have any idea when falling in love once again to that same person is the least you could do. The more you hate, the more you love basis. I mean, how can you fall out of love with someone when he suddenly takes interest in you like your some Pulitzer Prize for crying out loud?

It happened back when I was in my Senior year of high school.  I remember that it was a sunny day on the mid-end of November and I was preparing myself for one of my biggest break in school. The School Play.

The School Play might be the very first play I’ve ever joined. I know it’s kind of weird but I never had the guts to join any school activities since I was in elementary nor in high school. I was a complete AWOL. But as I reached my Senior year, I have decided why not give it a try? For sure it won’t kill me if I join even if I only get in as a supporting role and it would also count as an experience to see the world. Not that I have something to do with the Theatre Arts.