Chapter One

Nothing compares to the memory of your very first love.

I'm gonna tell you a story. It's about a girl who fell in love with a boy whom she can never have.

Well, that's the most common and saddest story ever told. Probably just like mine and just like everybody else.

And it started with a question:

How do you fall out of love with somebody?

Well don't ask me. I am no expert. If you're looking for a shrink I am no better. I am a major cry baby and I suck in relationships even though I haven't had one. Quite ironic.

But it happened back in high school.

I remember that it was a sunny day on the mid-end of November and I was preparing myself for one of my biggest break in school. The School Play.

The School Play might be the very first play I’ve ever joined. I know it’s kind of weird but I never had the guts to join any school activities since I was in elementary. If there's anything I am good at it's that I suck most of everything. But when I reached my Senior year, I have decided why not give it a try? For sure it won’t kill me even if I only get a supporting role. Plus it could open doors to my acting career.

Anyways, on the day of my audition I stopped by the church and decided to become a real Catholic. I made a mirror out of the window glass and I tried encouraging myself.

I am Psyche Lumiére. I am seventeen years old. A real pessimist and an identified specimen of the universe. I have a very weird name. Just blame it to my parents who are obsessed with Greek mythology. But at least I don't get to worry about getting my name mixed up or be mistaken as a criminal mastermind.

And oh! I have an evil slash fraternal twin, who is a big fan of narcissism.. Totally twins but tragically different. I am the dot in a crowd while she’s the darling of the crowd. To state my point, I am the nobody and she’s the somebody. While my twin flips her curls in the hallways, I walk like Quasimodo. Joke. I walk straight, okay. People just don’t give me much of a side glance. All my life I have never dreamed of anything like that. But as my high school life was starting to end, that word crept slowly in my veins, in my heart and straight to my brain. I realized that I want to be remembered not only by my classmates but also by the people around me. Not just the black sheep of my twin sister’s life but as a person. Not the animal. Maybe it’s not so bad to at least to have the slightest amount of recognition. Be in a group of fabulous looking girls and be looked up by your fellow schoolmates. It would be a different feeling to be remembered, somehow. So when the audition paper for the school play was out I decided to try. Maybe this is my calling.

On the day of my audition I was being cranky about the songs that I should sing. I couldn’t pick a good song that would fit my voice. Even though I have years of training in vocals I am still not confident enough that my voice would give me the chance. But I have to trust myself.

I leaned my head further inside the church to see if there are any people inside. I don’t want to be caught dead by anyone. But when I made sure it was people free, my only guy friend pop’s his head in front of me.


He snickers as he straightens up. I glared at him and he raises his hands in surrender.

“You wanna kill me?”

“No. I just want to say good luck.” He says.

I sighed and squeezed my eyes shut. “Don’t say that. Did you know it’s bad luck.”

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