The sword

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"This is stupid. I can't believe that the Welder made us go to the sewer line for the map. He had one right there," Kyle said. "Hey, what's this?" I asked. "Which one?" "The one that's not a floating piece of crap." "Oh. I think it's a piece of paper inside of a pipe." I shook the paper out of the pipe. "Hey, it's the map," I said. Woo hoo!" Kyle yelled, "We finally get to get out of this sewer!" When we got back to the Welder's house we gave him the map. He combined ours with his, and they fused and started glowing. "This happened before and we ended up in an alternate universe. I don't like it," Kyle said. "Relax man, these are just maps," I replied, "glowing maps." The maps finally fused and then there was a small explosion, too small to harm anyone. "Whoa," I said in awe. It was a 3D map of the whole kingdom, brick by brick, but it was small. "Ok," the Welder said, "the sword is hidden in the mountain range to the east. Look for the tallest mountain and find the biggest cave. Once you find the cave, go inside and strike the ground at this exact point with this staff." He gave us a staff with a crystal at the top. "Then what do we do?" Kyle asked. "The cave will light up when you hit the ground with the staff. Then you just state what weapons you want." "Cool. I'm gonna ask for the infinity blade and the infinity daggers," I said. "I'm gonna ask for two short infinity swords and an infinity axe," Kyle said. We journeyed far to the east and found the largest cave on the highest mountain. "Alright, let's get some weapons," I said excitedly. "Hey, there's a hole right here," Kyle said. "That's the spot we need to hit on the ground." I gave the staff to Kyle and he hit the ground as hard as he could. The cave lit up a light blue, and there was a white infinity sign in the center of the cave. "Remember, just state the weapons you want," Kyle whispered. "Ok, um, I want an Infinity Blade and 2 Infinity daggers that appear in my hands at will," I said, "Oh, and could they also be unbreakable?" It was Kyle's turn, "I want 2 unbreakable infinity swords that appear in my hands at will and an unbreakable infinity axe that appears in my hands at will." There was a blinding flash of light. When we opened our eyes, nothing was there. "What? What happened? Wait, let me try something," I said in surprise. I want a sword. There was a sword in my hands. "Whoa! Let me try," Kyle said excitedly. He closed his eyes and sort of a white haze in the shape of an axe slowly appeared, then it flashed and there was the infinity axe in his hands. "This is so awesome!" I said. We walked home and I got my sword and sliced a boulder in half, "Whoa! These blades can cut through anything! Cool!" We got back to the Welder's house, and when he saw us he said, "Ah! You're alive! And if you're alive you must have gotten your weapons?" "Yep. We have the infinity blades. Wait, we were in danger of dying?!" "Ummm, noooo? Yes. But, you didn't die, so it's ok! Anyway, this may be our chance to save the kingdom."

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