17 - Yelling

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Luke (Age 5):

You were sitting in your room, playing with your stuffed animals while Luke and Michael were in the living room playing FIFA. You had two empty chairs at your table and you really wanted Luke and Michael to join you. You ran downstairs and stood next to the couch, waiting for the boys to finish their game. Luke groaned as Michael beat him and then turned to you, "What do you want, Y/N?! Why are you just standing there? Don't you have something else to do?!"

You ran back up to your room and hid under the covers, clutching your teddy bear and crying. You heard your door open and someone whisper, "Y/N?" They tried to pull the covers off of you but you held onto them tightly. "It's okay, Y/N, it's Mikey." You pulled off the covers and climbed into Michael's lap.

"I'm s-sorry, M-Mikey. I just wanted you guys t-to play with m-me," you said into his shirt. "It's not your fault, sweetheart. Luke is just angry because I beat him in our game. You know your brother doesn't like to lose," Michael said, poking your side. You smiled up at him as he continued, "How about we let Luke calm down and you and I go play?" You nodded and led Michael over to where your table and stuffed animals were situated. You guys played for a while until there was a figure in the doorway, it was Luke.

Michael (Age 8):

You had a special school ceremony and you wanted everyone there. You were getting a special award for the most improvement over the course of the school year. You knew that Michael had to go to the studio, but he said he would be there with your mom.

The time came and you saw everyone but Michael there. You were upset, but you knew that he probably just couldn't leave. You got your award and when you got home, you saw Michael on the couch.

"So Mikey I go-" "Clearly I don't care so why don't you just stop talking?!" You just dropped your head and walked away. You don't know why he got like that, but you knew he didn't really care. If he did, he would have come.

You picked up the house phone and called Calum, knowing that he would listen and he might actually care.

Calum picked you up and drove you around, letting you vent and cry in the backseat. "Cal, I don't know what I did wrong! I just wanted to show him what I got and he yelled! Why doesn't he care?" Calum pulled the car over to the side of the road and got in the backseat, holding you while you cried and tried to console you. "Babe, I promise, he is just frustrated. You got a great award! He's proud of you, but right now he doesn't know how to show it." You stayed with Calum for the night and went to talk to Michael the next morning.

Ashton (Age 10):

You were sitting at your lunch table and you saw people looking over at you, laughing, commenting, and pointing. Finally, you stood and went over to them, asking what their problem was.

"Oh, nothing. Just talking about how your brother can't sing or play the drums. It really shows in his music," the blonde said to you. Your blood boiled to the point where your anger took over and you punched her square in the nose.

You were taken to the principal's office and had to wait until Ashton could come get you. Ashton was really mad because he had to leave a really important band practice to come get you. He came in and grabbed you by the wrist, dragging you to the car. "Ash, I ca-" "Shut up, Y/N! You had no reason to hit that poor girl! I'm taking you home and you are going straight to your room." "But A-" "NO. JUST STOP. YOU WERE IN THE WRONG. JUST BE QUIET."

You waited until you were alone in your room to cry. Then you called Luke, knowing he would actually listen to you.
L: "Y/N? Is everything okay?"
Y/N: "They were s-saying bad things about Ash! I got so mad that I p-punched her! He won't even let me talk! Please tell me you believe me!"
L: "Woah, calm down. Take some deep breaths. Where are you right now?"
Y/N: "I'm at home. Ashton told me I couldn't leave my room."
L: "I'm on my way. Stay calm and I'll be there before you know it."
Y/N: "Okay."

You hung up the phone and waited for Luke to arrive.

Calum (Age 2):

You had a terrible fear of dogs for some reason that no one really knew. They were loud and very playful and you just got nervous when you were around them.

You were set to go with Calum to Ashton's house because they had a band practice and no one would be home to watch you. You had never been over to his house before, so you never knew that he had a dog.

Calum carried you inside and you were feeling okay, but then the boys left to go rehearse and you were sat in the living room watching the TV. A few minutes into your show, a dog appeared in the living room and started coming towards you. You rolled yourself up into the corner of the couch and then you felt the couch dip. It was coming for you.

You started screaming and you heard Calum yell, "Y/N, KEEP IT DOWN! WE ARE REHEARSING!" You cried even harder and then heard someone say, "Indie! Down!" The couch moved again and then you were brought into someone's arms. You opened your eyes to see Ashton trying to calm you down. "Sweetie, you're okay. I'm so sorry that I forgot about Indie. It's all my fault." "No, Ashy. Mine. Ruined 'hearsal." "Oh, no. Calum is just frustrated. I promise you, you're okay." "Y/N," you heard you brother say and you tensed against Ashton. "Cal, go back downstairs. You've done enough for right now. I'll be down in a few minutes," Ashton said, sitting down on the couch with you.

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