Chapter 12

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[I'm not a tennis player, I just enjoyed the drama and wanted to write this, so, many stuff might be very wrong!]

When Lu Jia and the coach finally came back, Lu Xia's game was about to start. Lu Jia was quickly sat down besides Zhuo Zhi, the boy looking at her worried that she felt lightheaded.

"I'm fine!" She smiles, the others smiling back

"I heard you're Zhou Zhi's brother." The two look at each other before Zhuo Yu moves away "I'm curious to find out who's better." Lu Xia goes to his position giving a small smile to his sister

"The match begins now." Zhuo Yu serves and the game officially starts

"Looks like Zhuo Yu's half volley has gotten worse." 

"Half volley?" Xinglong asks confused

"Mm-mm." Lu Jia hums before explaining "A half volley is when the player hits the ball before it reaches its highest point. These shots are fired relatively early so the opponent can't react in time. That's the advantage."

"Your brother is doing well."

"Yeah, he is doing well." Lu Jia agrees before frowning

"But maybe too well for someone who looked injured." She murmurs before seeing her brother switch hands "What is he doing?"

"Getting serious, but it does feel wrong." Siyang says

"Yeah, because he most definitely knows about Zhuo Yu's ability." She says before sighing "It must be because he has no other choice, he has to use his dominant hand to play this game." Lu Jia does a twist serve but fails to hit the ball back afterwards

"He's trying to do an outward spin." Xinglong says

"It's a risky maneuver." Lu Xia serves and after a few moments, he finally makes a point

"Yes!" The girl smiles, she was starting to become a little anxious and this helped her a little with calming down

"After playing against me, he has become faster." Lu Jia nods agreeing with him, she had noticed it when they played together as a way to train

"That is a driven shot that is as powerful as a Twist Serve." Siyang says, Lu Jia tensing up

"I..." Lu Jia gulps, the boys looking at her concerned "That-That was one of my 'famous' moves when I played in Australia, the Celestial Drive..." She says confused, she knew a video of her playing became viral when she did this but didn't know it made it in China as well

"So, you are the one from that video!" Zhuo Zhi says in shock

"Yeah... He mastered it so well..." She says before biting her lip "This might have started to become more difficult than I expected." She sighs

"He really did use this technique after all."

"So, that is the why he was injured..." The two continue playing, Zhuo Yu gaining more points as time goes

Lu Jia and Zhuo Zhi focusing on Yu seeing him looking at his arm "The Celestial Drive, you shouldn't overuse it." Lu Xia says

"You want your opponent to give you easier shots. Is this all Yu Qing's got?" Lu Jia suddenly goes serious

"That little-" She glares at him "All Yu Qing's got?! I should just hit you with the racket..." She continues to grumble, the boys snorting at her

"If you insist, you might get hurt before facing Zhuo Zhi."

"I mastered the Celestial Drive in order to defeat my brother. Even if my arm ended up paralyzed, I would have no regrets."

"Is defeating him your only goal? Even if it means you can't play tennis anymore?" 'Hypocrite. Who are you to question that?' Lu Jia thinks rolling her eyes

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