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Todoroki, iida, and deku invited bakugou to have a sleepover at dekus house and he agreed

Dekus mom has been known to baby bakugou when we was younger but he hasn't seen her since then so he thought it would be different

Inko is 5'8

Deku is 6'2

Todoroki is 6'3

And iida is 6'5

Bakugou is 5'0

Bakugou POV:

Iida,todoroki, and I arrived at dekus house I knocked on the door and auntie opened it

"Hello boys- oh and katsuki your so cute I haven't seen you in forever your still small I see!" She says a squeezes me I blush from embarrassment but hug her back while iida and todoroki watch in shock

"M-mom!?" Deku says coming up from behind her and pulling her away

"I told her not to baby kacchan" I hear him whisper to her

"Aw but hes just a little baby" she says deku looks at me and laughs nervously and let's us in

"I'll go get the snacks while you boys set us the movie!" Auntie says and walks to the kitchen

"Sorry kacchan" deku says

"Whatever nerd!"

And we sit on the couch they put a horror movie in. I love horror movies!!!!

Auntie comes back and she hands everyone soda and chips but hands me a baby bottle of milk!?

"Mom!" Deku yells I feel so embarrassed I'm sitting between iida and todoroki rn they both look at me they dont seem shocked they just smiled

"*gasp* a horror movie! Really I told you not to watch that with suki!" She yells

"Fine I'll pick something else just go please" deku says I huff

"Fine but I'll be back after the movie" she says and leaves I feel relieved deku puts on a Disney movie I sigh

"Sorry kacchan..." he says embarrased

"Stupid deku.." I mumble then todoroki put me on his lap I blush

"Wha-" I say he cuts me off by putting the bottle in my mouth he smiles at me

"Inko asked me too she said you would be stubborn" he said I glared at him

Time Skip

Once the movie was over it was late. Auntie came back downstairs

"Suki come with me dear" she says and hold out her hand I take it she takes me to her room

"Lay on the bed for me" she says I lay down confused she starts taking my clothes off I blush but I dont say anything she puts a pull up on me

"Auntie!? I dont need one!" I whine

"Hush it's just for protection" she says and puts a orange cat onesie on me and clips a orange pacifier to it I blush hard

She picks me up and takes me to dekus room they are all of the bed she sits me on dekus lap

"You boys have fun!" She says and leaves

"I- I'm never coming here again" I say and I tired to get off his lap but he wrapped his arms around me

"Sure baby bro" he says and kisses my head deku always said I was like his brother but this is to far.

Iida and todo lay on different sides of deku and I'm laying on his chest by force

"No need to be embarrassed" iida says

"Wait-" deku says and touches the front part of where the pull up is

"Your mom made me!" I said they all chuckled

"Aw you look so cute" iida said they all agree and kiss my face

"Not you guys too" I whine

"Sorry but your just so cute!!!!" Deku says I glare at him he just kisses my nose

"If you have a accident let me know" deku says I blush

"I wont!" I huff out

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