Chapter 7

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Camila's pov.

''So shorty what do you want to do today?" Y/n asked kissing my head. "Just stay in and watch tv and cuddle with you." I told her hugging her closer on the couch.

I put the tv on and felt y/n pull me closer to her. "Wait put that on babe. Vampire Diaries is my favorite show." Y/n said happily.

I try to concentrate on the tv but my mind is keep on rethinking what my mom told me last night about y/n and her past.

"Y/n what is your past like?" I asked her turning around to face her. She looked at me worriedly. "I don't want to talk about it." She told me looking away.

"Y/n I need you to trust me." I told her wrapping my arms around her. "Camila I just can't." She said unwrapping my arms around her and standing up.

"Camila please leave it I am sorry. I trust you I really do but I just can't." She said walking out the door. Why do I have to be so nosey.

Y/N's pov.

Why can't she just leave it. I just can't tell her. I don't want her pity. I don't want anyone's pity. Dinah is the only one who knows about my past. And that's how I want to keep it.

I know I am a troubled kid and everyone thinks I am an asshole but that's because no one knows who I am.

One day I might tell Camila but for now I just can't. I realised I just walked out on her. Why can't we just be happy together. Why did she have to ask that stupid question.

I turned around and knocked on her door. One thing I might be an asshole but I do have manners. I guess my nannies did an okay job on me.

Camila opened the door and I saw that she was crying. I pulled her into a tight hug. "I am sorry baby. I just am not ready to tell you about my past. Not yet. But I will let you ask one question." I told her lifting up her face and saw the smile that lights my day.

"There are so many things I want to ask you. But you have to answer them truthfully." Camila said cutely. "I feel like pinky promises are our thing now. We always do it." I told Camila sticking out my pinky finger for a promise.

We walked to the couch and didn't say a word. Camila grabbed my hand and sat me down.

"Why do you have a british accent and your family does not, only you and Demi?" She asked squeezing my hand.

Of course she had to ask that. Who doesn't. "Well Camila Demi and I have british accents because we are well british. We are adopted. That's our aunt and uncle we live with." I told her truthfully.

Camila got up and sat on my lap. "I have so many questions I want to ask you." She said kissing me. ''I have so many things I want to do to you." I said kissing her again. "Do them." She whispered seductively in my ear kissing my neck.

"Not yet baby you're not ready." I told her kissing her one last time and pulling her into my chest. "Thank you.'' She said into my shirt.

I just continued on watching the Vampire Diaries with Camila on my lap. I was on my second episode of Vampire Diaries when I heard her cute snoring.

I was just staring at her watching how cutely she sleeps until my phone lit up from a text message.

From DJ (Dinah Jane): Meet me at the alley on 447th Street on Union. Don't be late. And no distractions clear your mind.

I took a cute picture of Camila sleeping and sat up still holding her. I walked up the stairs and layed her on her bed gently. I tucked her in and gave her one last kiss walking out of her room and out the door making sure to lock it.

I got in my car and started changing into my sports bra since I already had on my sweats. I put my usual black jacket on as well since the weather feels below 0.

On my way to the fight all I could think about is Camila. I have always liked her. I always watch out for her too. I made sure no one messed with her or her friends. They are good people.

Who would of thought the quiet girl and the bad ass will be dating? If you told me this weeks ago I would never believed it. Mostly because Camila can do so much better than me. I know I am hot but I am also an ass hole.

Camila is the type of person that deserves the world with her amazing heart. When I am with her I feel alive again. And like i've been saying she's the only person that can keep me sane.

This girl is changing me. She already has me wrapped around her little finger. Yet she doesn't even realise the effect she has in me. I can melt from her touch and eyes.

Deep in my thoughts I haven't even realised I have pulled up to the alley.

I got out of the car and started walking to the surrounded people. This place is shittier than where I usally fight. I found Dinah and walked up to her.

"So how was Camila?" She asked smirking at me knowingly. "How'd you know?" I asked her looking at her creepily. "Because one I am your best friend and two because you are only happy when you are with her. And I haven't seen you like this in a while." She said smiling at me happily.

I ignord her and walked into the middle and start fighting the man. This fight is the same as always. A huge ass crazy man trying to fight a girl because he's to much of a pussy to fight someone else. All I was doing was dodging him making him tired and then started to beat the shit out of him.

Let's just say I won the fight. I went up to Dinah and dragged her out of the alley. All the slutty women trying to get with me. If I didn't have Camila I would've taken them home with me. I have already been with half of them. But none of them are her. None of them can make me feel the way she does.

"Wanna sleep over tonight?" I asked Dinah before walking her to her which is parked next to mine.

"Yeah. Meet you there." Dinah said happily getting in her car.

Then my phone starts ringing. "Hello?" I asked not checking the caller I.d. "Why'd you leave me. I'm cold and don't have you to cuddle with." She said I can feel her pouting through the phone.

"Shorty as much as I'd like to be with you I had to do some things. But I'm on my way home now." I told her starting my car.

"Call me when you get home baby. I want to make sure you're safe." She said causing me to smile when she said baby.

"Shorty did you just call me baby?" I asked her smirking.

"Yeah so?" She asked. I can imagine that cute blush.

"Nothing I like it. Keep calling me that. It's very sexy." I told her seductively. I heard her gasp and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Shorty I know how you love me but I need to get home it's late. Talk to you later babe." I said hanging up.

I put on the radio and started my drive home. Again the only thing on my mind is Camila Cabello.

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