part 1 - the new member

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The alarm rang. I woke up not feeling quite awake yet. 'Oh, today is the day. I still can't believe Tony Stark would want me to be with the Avengers personally. I only showed up on their mission spontaneously. I can't remember much. I remember green eyes, beautiful sparkling green eyes. I don't know who she was. But maybe I'll see her again soon... I think the main reason I was chosen by Tony is that every time I use my powers, I lose consciousness. He wants to help me and stop this from happening. I don't have absolute control over my abilities. Am I afraid? In any case! I'm afraid I might hurt someone. I don't want to do this to anyone what has happened to me.'

The doorbell rang. I quickly threw something on and opened the door. It was Tony.

'Wow, I didn't think that he would pick me up personally.' Now I was really excited, my hands started to sweat. 'It will be all right. That's what my mother always said.'

Tony: 'Hey y/n, how are you? Are you ready for your first day? All you really need is your clothes and personal items, everything else is taken care of. So can we go?'

I nodded in agreement. 'Hey, Tony!' A small smile blew over my lips. 'I'm just putting on something decent.' I decided to wear black jeans, a gray sweatshirt and black chucks. I put on my favorite necklace. It belonged to my mother. The necklace was silver and had a small moon as a pendant. Very simple, but it's the only thing I still have from my mother. 'We can go, Tony.' I grabbed my suitcase and bag and we both drove off.

Tony and I arrived at the Avengers' headquarters. I noticed noises coming from a room. At that very moment I felt my heart start beating. Fear climbed up my legs. 'I hate that feeling'. In thought, Tony tapped me sideways. Only now I did realize that he had spoken to me. Not only did I notice that now, but also that he was fantastically dressed. He had very good taste in clothing. He wore black jeans, not too tight, a white shirt and a leather jacket. He wore black boots that rounded off the outfit perfectly. And he smelled good. Lemon blossom, mandarin and a note of coriander leaves. Woody... The smell looked familiar. My father smelled very similar. Maybe that's why I feel less scared with him.

Tony told me that he wanted to introduce me to the others. 'Not all of them are there, but now you will first get to know Peter, Natasha, Wanda and Steve. Don't worry, you don't need to be excited. I'll bet at least Peter is just as excited as you are.' He winked at me with a smile. I felt a little relieved by his words.

He led me to the chilling lounge. Tony stepped forward and started talking, 'Good morning guys, this is y/n. Beginning from today she will be part of us. Don't be too tough on her, she is still young and has a lot to learn. We help her to bring her powers under control. She has great potential.' Everyone stared at me and introduced themselves. The greeting was very warm, which took a load off my heart. The hardest part was definitely done. 'Those green eyes.' I remembered. I didn't think that I would see her again so soon. 'So this is Natasha. She looks great, but she definitely has an attitude.' She looked annoyed. Wanda was the complete opposite. She grinned at me like a Cheshire Cat. She too had green eyes. 'Wow, her eyes shine even more. How is that possible? And the way she picks her nose. She's really cute.' I found myself staring again. It happened to me every time I saw beautiful women. 'Why did I always have to be so embarrassed? Why was it always so easy to get confused?'

Steve and Peter had also introduced themselves. Peter had given me a compliment. This was probably unintentional. He said: 'Wow, she's so beautiful.' I noticed that he was blushing and he probably felt exactly the way I had just felt about Natasha and Wanda. I've always had this effect on men. I know that I am pretty. But moments like this have shown me again and again that I probably have more in myself than I believed.

Tony: 'So now that you know each other superficially... Nat, could you please show y/n her room? You already know each other a little better because of the mission.'

Y/n: 'Unfortunately I can't remember. Only her eyes! Damn it! Did I just say that out loud?' It always happens to me. We all just got off to a good start. Now I've made this situation awkward again. Natasha's expression suddenly softened. 'Is that something of a smile?' I thought. Maybe her attitude was just a facade.

Natasha agreed and led me to my room.

Wanda's POV:

Tony said this morning that we're getting a new member. The only thing he let us know is that she is 21 years old, alone (probably single) and her powers are similar to mine. I'm curious who she is. More women on our team are always good. Especially right now, because Nat and I don't get along so well anymore. I could need a good friend because I often feel alone. I knew Nat well and from what I've heard, the stranger must be very pretty. I've heard Natasha talk to Steve about it the other day.

Hungry, I ran to the kitchen and made myself something for breakfast. I only ate cereal because I wasn't that hungry. Maybe it's the excitement? I noticed Nat stepping into the kitchen. 'Good morning, Wanda' Nat said in an uncertain voice. I noticed something was wrong and asked 'How are you today? Are you excited that we're getting a new member?' 'It's all good, thanks for asking. I'm not excited. I've seen her before.' I knew Nat too well to know that this was a lie. Natasha walked back to her room, which recently was my room too. Cool, unemotional and reserved. She is actually not like that. But it is no longer my business to care.

An hour passed. We all met in the lounge and waited eagerly for Tony. Suddenly I heard footsteps in the hallway. Definitely by two people. We stopped talking and waited for Tony and the stranger to arrive.

Tony was now in the room and introduced the newcomer 'Good morning guys, this is y/n. Beginning from today she will be part of us. Don't be too tough on her, she is still young and has a lot to learn. We help her to bring her powers under control. It has great potential.' Now y/n also stepped forward. Without thinking about it, the first thing I did was introduce myself: 'Hi, I'm Wanda. Nice to meet you, y/n.' I smiled. Now I know what Natasha and Steve were talking about. She is really beautiful. Long brown hair, crystal clear blue eyes, a sweet smile and a great body. Everyone else also introduced themselves. But from that point on I couldn't listen anymore. It only crossed my mind how Natasha looked at her. Just like she always looked at me. Jealousy spread through my body. I didn't like that feeling. I tried to distract myself and now noticed how Nat and y/n left the room. 'Peter, why are they leaving?' 'Don't worry, Wanda. Nat will show y/n her room. Tony wanted it that way' he replied. I nodded uncertainly and went to my room as well.

Natasha's POV:

'Hi, I'm Natasha. You can call me Nat.' I couldn't get out more words at the moment. I've seen y/n before, but she has a breathtaking charisma. Normally I would have been different. I'm a very flirty person. But I know how it was about Wanda's jealousy. I didn't mean to hurt her, not again. I'd rather be the asshole to y/n than be inconsiderate towards Wanda. I was still hoping that Wanda and I would understand each other again soon. The situation was kind of embarrassing. Everyone except Steve was uncomfortable. I know that Peter is still clumsy and may have a little crush on y/n. But I still can't explain to myself why Wanda was so beaming. 'God, I love Wandas smile.' I also noticed y/n staring at me. Sometimes I wish I could read people's minds.

Tony: 'So now that you know each other superficially... Nat could you please show y/n her room? You already know each other a little better because of the mission.'

Before I could even say anything, y/n mentioned my eyes. I was positively surprised. Because I wouldn't have immediately suspected that she might even be into women. I couldn't help but smile. To work around the situation, I quickly agreed and went with her to the room.

'So this is your room. It is newly decorated and has a great view. I hope you like it, y/n!' I gave her a small smile. 'It's perfect. Thank you for coming with me.' I noticed that she was a little nervous. That was kind of cute. But I had to concentrate. As daring as the last time, I couldn't get involved with a person again. 'You're welcome!' I said dryly. 'I'll leave you alone for now. You can explore your room and unpack your stuff. See you later!' Was that too mean now? I know that when I try to speak seriously, I often have a nasty undertone. I left her room and went to my own.

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